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Believe in Aion

Aion is the most visually stunning MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) ever made. Cutting-edge graphics redefine your expectations of online role-playing and reveal a true fantasy world where divine beings wage a war that will determine the future of the world.

Your role in this war is pivotal. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders as you and your allies participate in brutal warfare, devise brilliant strategy, and claim political power.

Soar to New Heights

Glide effortlessly through the skies in Aion. Flying is not just a means of transportation flight is an extension of the combat system and can be an integral part of taking on your foes in battle. Clash swords high above the ground and use flight-specific skills to defeat your rivals.

Aion adds a whole new dimension to combat as you pluck your enemies from the sky, rain down destruction from above, toss your opponent into the air, and more. This isn't your usual MMORPG combat you will need to form new strategies to slay your adversary.


Combat in other online role-playing games consists of PvE (Player vs. Environment): fighting computer-controlled monsters, and PvP (Player vs. Player): human-controlled characters fighting each other.

For the first time in the MMORPG genre, Aion brings these two game features together in an evolving and seamless system. PvPvE manages the complex relationships and alliances between realms, races and guilds; it also controls the mighty Dragons, a non-player faction and a common enemy to all players, regardless of faction.

Blending Fantasy and Reality

Aion delivers a new level of graphical detail and world interactivity. Climb sheer cliffs, fly through moving clouds, see water ripple from the downdraft of your own powerful wings and leap gaping chasms. A supremely powerful graphical engine brings the world of your fantasies to life like never before.

The Music of Aion

The best movies and games are driven by spectacular music scores and Aion is no exception. Ryo Kunihiko, one of the world's leading composers of movie and television soundtracks, is creating incredible music that seamlessly interweaves with on-screen action, setting the mood and creating the perfect atmosphere for your adventures in the world of Aion.

Quotes from around the web

"In general, little is still known about Aion and players have gotten few chances to really do anything but observe the game. No concrete release date has been set."

"Aion Tower of Eternity claims to be able to provide complex PvPvE relationships between PCs, NPCs, Factions, Guilds, realms, and the common enemy of all the players, dragons. Sounds pretty good, we don't really have any specifics but sounds like potential to me." -

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