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Ashen Empires is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). In Ashen Empires, players must determine their fate in a world balancing on the brink of renewal or destruction.

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There are several alignments in Ashen Empires. This is your "reputation" in Ashen Empires. The color in your name will reflect one of the following alignments:

Crusader*, Divine, Good, Neutral, Evil, Criminal, Scourge*

= Flashing NPC or Monster GM or Developer

Crusader: Pure divine. You have been divine for an extended period of time, and are favoured by the gods. You are also entitled to a discount in good-town shops.

Divine: You are respected greatly by the "good" towns in Ashen Empires, though guards in "evil towns" will attempt to attack you if you enter their territory. You are also entitled to a discount in good-town shops.

Good: You are respected in "good" towns, and you are allowed in "evil" towns. You are also entitled to a discount in good-town shops.

Neutral: You are allowed in both "good" and "evil" towns.

Evil: You are allowed in both "good" and "evil" towns. You may only purchase items and "evil" towns.

Criminal: You are only allowed in "evil" towns. You will be killed by guards if you are found around a "good" town.

You gain alignment by hunting creatures that are near your level, by completing quests for Lotorian knights, and by completing the Chaos Knight quest line.

You lose alignment by attacking town NPCs and other players (an exception to this rule is if you attack a criminal or scourge) and by casting aid spells on criminals. If you cause disruption in town or loot another player, you will be classed as a "temporary" criminal. While your name flashes in and out of the color grey, if you enter the area in or around a "good" town, you will be attacked and killed by guards.

There are two store items which affect alignment. "Boost Alignment" increases your alignment gain for one hour while "Reverse Alignment" reverses the alignment gain by your character. The effects of these items stack with one another.


Combat in Ashen Empires is similar to many games. The strategy you will use in combat depends on the monsters you are fighting, your weapons/armor, and your skill set.

You must be in attack mode to attack. To enter attack mode, press Q. Your arrow will change from green to red. Target Protection will prevent you from attacking NPCs, other players, and friendly animals. Press "T" to turn off target protection. See the Alignment page for more information on what will happen to your character's alignment if you choose to attack friendly creatures.


Guilds are a very important part of the Ashen Empires community. Most guilds in Ashen Empires help their members complete quests, level up, obtain rare items, tradeskill, and make new friends. Each guild is different, so evaluate them all before you join to find the right fit. You can start by looking in our guild directory. It is updated approximately every two weeks.

A player's membership is indicated by the abbreviation of the guild name that appears to the left of the player's name. Right-clicking on a player will bring up their player profile, which shows their guild's full name just below the player's name.

You may create your own guild by completing the guild quest. The guild quest is very difficult and requires at least 8 helpers. This is done to ensure that guilds are started by experienced players who have already assembled a team of players that are committed to the guild.

WARNING: On both servers certain guilds are very powerful in terms of numbers and high level players. Your relationship with them may drastically change your play experience, particularly on the PVP Heroes server, so be careful in your dealings with other players!


Do you wish to duel monsters in close combat or stay in quiet quarters practicing the art of leatherworking?

There's something for every taste in Ashen Empires. Whether you are drawn by the whiz of arrows or the thrill of discovering new alchemical compounds, you can choose from a variety of skills to craft a unique character.

Ashen Empires is one of the few role-playing games that allows its players to role play with complete control over the character creation process. When you create a new character, one of the first things you will be asked is your profession. You may initially choose from Craftsman, Mage, or Warrior. However, this is merely a guideline to get you thinking about what kind of character you wish to play. At any point you may begin training any skill of your choice.

Your level in Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, and Dexterity (also known as "orbs") impacts certain skills so make sure you tailor these to your preference. More information about how skills affect one another and how orbs affect skills will be provided soon to help you craft a strong and unique character. If you wish to reset your orbs when you have more experience, you may purchase an "Orb Reset" or a "Runeshard" from the store.

Note that there's more to your character class than a single skill. Skills complement each other, the higher leveled you are in one skill, may effect another. For example, you may need to level up your Milling skill in order to obtain planks to make higher level equipment using Carpentry.


The human kingdom of Krythan has controlled most of the known world since the time of the Rune War. Humans are clever and resourceful, but easily distracted. They have no special abilities or disadvantages. Human characters begin with a slightly more respectable reputation that other races.

Night Elves (or the Astari) are slender and nimble. They occupy towns throughout the forest region of Darkwood. Aloof and enigmatic, they emerge mostly at night. Night Elves dodge better than other races, and can see in the dark - but they can't stand as much physical injury. Astari characters begin with a neutral reputation.

Orcs are descended from the invader's army in the Rune War. Many live in nomadic bands, but a few Orc villages are found in the Plains of Krog. Orcs are resistant to poison, and need less time to rest than other races. Because of their violent tendencies, Orc characters begin with a more disreputable reputation than the other races.



The Legends server is a Non-PvP Server, where players focus mainly on creating items using tradeskills, and battling monsters to gain valuable treasure.

Attacking other players is forbidden on the Legends server.

The main global chat channel for the Legends server is: LEGENDS


Heroes is a PvP Server.

You may do any action available on the Legends server, however, you are allowed to attack other players. Other players are free to attack, kill and steal your treasure.

The main global chat channel for the Heroes server is: SANCTUARY


There is no limit to the amount of skills you may learn in Ashen Empires. There are several ways of discovering new skills...

  1. You will be given access to a skill when you create your Ashen Empires account, either a tradeskill (creating items, and reselling for in-game money), or a combat skill, which will aid you in defeating foes for treasure.

  1. You will be taught how to use certain skills by tutors on Valinor Island.

  1. Reading books and trying out new things in Ashen Empires... you might discover something new.

  1. You may be introduced to a new skill by another member of the community.

You may start a new skill at any time.

Do not hesistate to ask a member of the community if you are stuck. There will always be people willing to help. If you choose to take a break from manually learning skills... try and find quests around the land... a set quest may give you a large amount of experience in a given skill, whereas a dynamic quest will give you experience pool (press the "S" or "K" WASD key setup key in-game), may be distributed to a skill of your choice, without manual training.

The following is a list of the professions or classes that one may train in Ashen Empires. Each group has several skills associated with it.

Advancement Skills

  1. Arch Crafting Precision
  2. Backpack of the Packmule
  3. Capacity of a Packmule
  4. Crafter's Precision
  5. Criminal's Folly
  6. Giant's Hammer
  7. Health of the Dragon
  8. Health of the Ogre
  9. Magice Shield
  10. Mana of the Arch Wizard
  11. Resistance of the Diseased Snake
  12. Speed of the Viper
  13. Stamina of the Bull
  14. Wizard's Haste
  15. Wizard's Manastorm


  1. Foraging
  2. Harvesting
  3. Planting


  1. Bows
  2. Crossbows
  3. Thrown Weapons


  1. Gold Repair
  2. Iron Forgin
  3. Iron Repair
  4. Iron Smelting
  5. Salvage
  6. Mining


  1. Baking
  2. Brewing
  3. Mixing
  4. Roasting


  1. Fly Fishing


  1. First Aid


  1. Jewelry Making
  2. Jewelry Repair
  3. Jewelry Salvage


  1. Leather Repair
  2. Leather Salvage
  3. Leatherworking
  4. Skinning
  5. Tanning


  1. Alchemy
  2. Body
  3. Critical Blast
  4. Critical Heal
  5. Extended Duration
  6. Mind
  7. Nature
  8. Soul


  1. Axes
  2. Block
  3. Blunt Weapons
  4. Critical Hit
  5. Dodge
  6. Double Attack
  7. Large Blades
  8. Mage Weapons
  9. Polearms
  10. Small Blades
  11. Unarmed Combat


  1. Runecrafting


  1. Cloth Repair
  2. Cloth Salvage
  3. Sewing
  4. Spinning
  5. Weaving

Wood Working

  1. Carpentry
  2. Lumberjacking
  3. Milling
  4. Wood Repair
  5. Wood Salvage



Travel in Ashen Empires is largely done on foot. There are portals throughout the world that allow you to teleport between major cities and social hubs. Teleport stones, which are available at the store, are handy items that will allow you to travel quickly between cities and locations.

A portal to the outlying city of Valmond. There are many of these portals located in Lotor's Summer Palace, the main social hub for Ashen Empires.

The map, which is resizeable, helps you see an area of the world that you have already explored. Purchasing "Map Reveal" from the store will remove the fog of war from your map which will allow you to travel with clear sight. By right clicking on the map you can create a custom text tag. Right clicking on the tag will let you clear or rename it.

This map shows my character as a blue "X" next to the portal which is pictured above. The X blinks in different colors to help you see it.

Some players use the "sextant" item, which everyone receives as a beginner, to help them navigate. The sextant will return a coordinate of your exact location at the time of its use into the chat box located in the bottom of your screen. Use this handy item to make a list of important locations such as prime hunting grounds and group meeting points


Expansion packs

The 3 Expansion packs can be purchased in the ingame token store

Talazar's Revenge

Advancement Skills To aid you in the battle, King Lotor has sent his finest warriors to train you in several effective combat techniques, known as Advancement Skills. Use Block, Critical Blast, Critical Heal, Critical Hit, Dodge, and Double Attack to help Lotor best the foul minions of Talazar from the land! Advance to lvl 105

The Sands of Creation.

Advance to lvl 110 Runecrafting Craft runes or totems to aid you in your adventures At the peak of their civilization, the Artonians mastered the art of runecrafting - taming the very essence of magic itself! This ancient craft has been passed down for many generations, and now you have a chance to try your hand at it as well! Crush precious stones to make crystals and use the crystals to make runes or totems of awesome power! Construction With both Sands of Creation and Construction, you can call a corner of the world your own. You'll be able to build your own house that any character on your account on that server can access. Guild Leaders can also make one of four expansive Guild Halls. Turn it into whatever you desire; a spacious retreat, a cottage full of treasures, or perhaps a place to hold secret council. You can craft a variety of furniture, ornaments, decorations, and the like to make it your own .

Tides of Fate

The long-awaited Tides of Fate expansion has been released! You can purchase it on the store by itself or as part of the All Expansions package. Boats A swift and sturdy GalleonYour adventures in Tides of Fate will be born upon a vessel. Whether you sail towards peril or profit is up to you, or perhaps the whim of the ocean current! All sailors will receive a bare raft they can use to sail to new lands. Those that want to put a little bite in their sails can swap their gold for more powerful crafts: the Junk ship, the Galleon, and the Frigate. Equip your craft with cannons, cannonballs, and a sail to do battle with the fierce creatures of the sea and other sailors! Source: [1]

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