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The Legend of the Land of Corum

Dusk of the Gods: Ephnentria and the birth of the five lands

A long time ago this was a world of chaos with nothing in existence. Within that chaos, the only thing that was created with order and a presence was light. The light burned more furiously as it sucked in the other chaotic energies that were scattered amongst the land. As the light burned brighter, the dark shadows of the world where light could not reach became even darker. As the burning light gathered together which formed the power of creation. The dark power that was heavily falling into the bottomless pit became the power of destruction.

Light and Shadow...

The two elements, light and shadow, became the representatives of order and chaos. The world repeated creation and destruction with these powers. That process in itself was another form of chaos and other orders were created within. Through that power, beings that had strength and will were created. The power of their will denied blind creation and destruction. They speculated to find an acceptable reason for this creation and destruction, but their powers were too strong to keep the peace stable. The energy of creation and destruction were only concentrated on a few beings and the this world would come to an end if at least one of them wished for destruction. Having form and order within this world was impossible because it was made of complete chaos and the pure order within such chaos.

The war between the gods once again...

They faced the crisis of total destruction at the end of the war. The bodies of the last five gods were preserved by transforming them into the five lands of Ephnentria but their souls did not have any place to go. They bound themselves to Crystal-Soulstones in order to enclose their souls which would otherwise be scattered amongst the material world. It occurred in a single period in time when compared to the duration of the gods' existence.

The five lands that were born on that day were later called Elland (Corum), Robentia, Maraudon, Darthted, and Evia.

The First Era (Birth) Elland. The Era of Dragons

Ever since the dusk of the gods...

The first race to settle into the land of Corum were not human beings. They were the Elves and Dwarves who were descendants of the Lone-Elves from Robentia.

They were able to harness the power of the dragons, which was the toughest and strongest in existence. The human beings of the land, who were living together in small groups, were extremely weak. But as weak as human beings were, it was easier for them to achieve harmony between chaos and order. They started to piece together their abilities as an inferior race by gradually forming groups and passing on knowledge from the predecessors to the descendants.

The power of the human beings strengthened in such a way that they were strong enough to destroy the dragons that were reigning over the land of Corum. In turn, they were also able to push the Elves and Dwarves out to the borders of Elland.

Through the use of evil rituals, human beings discovered that the crystals of the five lands were asleep somewhere in the land of Corum.

During a time when faults of evil blood were being committed, Elland inherited the name of Corum.


The characteristics of the gods who make up the five lands of Ephnentria partially run in the lands. They started fighting ever since they recognized each other and it was practically a war between the gods.

Maraudon and Robentia often invaded the land of Corum and took part in the history of Corum, but there is not much known about Evia and Darthted. Their objective in detail is also unknown since there are not many people who know about Evia and Darthted even in Maraudon and Robentia.

They only assume that "they have the pure nature of good and evil and they seem to be fighting over the existence of this world." The experience they gained through the full-scale war between the gods in the past was passed on to some of the new lives who were born in the land that was asleep. Therefore they were afraid of war. Evia and Darthted each put up with Robentia and Maraudon, and Robentia and Maraudon also tried to attain ascendancy over each other in the land of Corum without going to war.

There were many controversies everyday in the land of Corum because of this pursuit of domination. Some of the Robentias and Maraudons made exchanges with each other as they went through the controversies and they gradually grew apart from pure good and evil. Forces that were skeptical about these ongoing controversies were being born.


The Legend of the Land of Corum

The Fighter's Origin

Marbeth is a warrior with an Aura force. His Aura force allows fast and strong offensive attacks, but his skills are not suitable for fighting a large number of enemies at once. He does have a skill that attacks many enemies simultaneously, but it is the last stronghold to be used when he reaches the limit. Physical offensive power does not decrease even if the Aura completely vanishes because the Aura force is separate from physical power.

Vengeance that comes from losing his loving Dark Elves to the Darthted is the origin of his power that drives him, and his final objective is to destroy Darthted by gaining strength through crystals.

The Fighter's Skills

The origin of the fighter's force is his Aura. Aura is the same as the oriental concept of Ki. Skills that provide other units with great damage are used by accumulating massive amounts of Ki. Such accumulated flow of Ki (Aura) inside the body is made smooth through hard training. The warrior~Rs Aura skill allows the fastest motion speed among all skills and most of his skills do not require any cooldown time. Patience is required when fighting with many enemies since the Aura skill is not suitable for fighting against numerous enemies at once. The power of Aura (AP Aura Point = identical to SP) does not recover naturally and does not recover by the consumption of liquid medicine. It can only be refilled through an "Aura Recharge," which is one of the Aura skills. Recovery speed increases as your skill level increases. The fighter has the highest level of stamina, physical offensive power and defensive power among his class.

Basic Stats - EGO 10 STR 30 DEX 15 INT 10 VIT 20

Aura, the origin of force Allows strong attacks on enemies using the power of the Aura which is accumulated in his body. The Aura skill has the fastest motion speed among all skills but is not suitable for fighting against numerous enemies at once.The Aura can only be refilled through the "Aura Recharge" skill.


Dungeon Types

Siege Dungeons (A dungeon that can be captured)

The ancient guardian lives on the bottom floor of a Siege Dungeon. There are continuous battles going on at these dungeons because the goal is to possess control over the guardian. If you have control, you will be granted with the weapon of protection which provides great skills and the guardian will have absolute loyalty to the owner. There is constantly tension at the Siege Dungeons because if you are triumphant in many wars and become the owner of the dungeon, you can always lose it to someone else.

Tunnels (Path dungeons)

Mountains and rivers block the paths throughout the land in Ephnentria after large scale diastrophism. The steep mountains and enormous rivers block people from traveling amongst the land. The underground tunnels that were formed became the only way to travel to other regions. Ferocious monsters have gathered in these underground tunnels and they have their own areas which make the tunnel extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, it is the only path that can be taken by the people.

Level-Up Dungeons (A dungeon for upgrading) This is a dangerous dungeon where groups of monsters reside. Countless monsters of many different types exist in this dungeon. It is a place for courageous ones who seek adventures or warriors who want the treasures that the greedy monsters have gathered. The Level-Up Dungeon can not be captured because many monsters continuously appear, but in the past, some of the dungeons were captured by great heroes. Such a place can only be captured if you release all of the ancient magical formations that are activated by the power of heroes and if you possess the guardian which has the pledge of ownership.

Dungeon Upgrade

Siege Dungeons gather magical powers by themselves and automatically upgrade their levels. Each dungeon produces its own unique product when the dungeon's level is upgraded.

Siege War

The Siege War is a large scale war that occurs when someone tries to capture a Siege Dungeon. Each Siege Dungeon activates its own magical formation to protect itself for a fixed amount of time. After that fixed amount of time, the magical power begins to weaken and it eventually loses its ability to protect itself from outer attacks. That is when people should form large groups and start attacking the dungeon so that they can try to capture the Siege Dungeon . You can become the new owner of the dungeon by releasing the magical formations on each floor and taking hold of the guardian on the bottom floor.

System Requirements


  • CPU: Pentium-III 600MHz
  • Video Card: 64 MB 3D accelerator VGZ card (GeForce2 MX)
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Direct0X 9.0c


  • CPU: Pentium-IV 1.0GHz or better
  • Video Card: 128 MB 3D accelerator (GeForce4/FX)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Direct-X 9.0c

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