ZAM Awards 2014: Console Game of the Year


We love Destiny. Finding rare gear, upgrading talents, Public Events with strangers, dancing in the Tower. It blends an FPS and RPG as expertly as we could reasonably expect. It fills a niche in gaming we've always wanted. We forget how easily Destiny could simply not exist – but we're very glad it's real.

Individually, we've spent hundreds of hours acquiring new Exotics to laugh gleefully at their effects. Collectively, we've spent thousands of hours stomping the Fallen and fellow Guardians. When we're not playing Destiny, we're talking about it: our favorite Subclass, gear we're hoping to get, trash-talking the Cryptarch, or linking each other to items on DestinyDB (our Destiny site).

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Co-op Trailer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is approaching its launch date, and Activision has wetted our appetite with a new trailer!

Skylanders Trap Team: A Message from Kaos

This morning we bring you a special message from Kaos. If you're unfamilar with the villian of the Skylanders games by Activision, you probably don't have kids. 

"A recent evil study of a thousand trolls revealed that nine out of ten agree that I am the most powerful and impressive evil doer to have ever conquered Skylands," said Kaos, who regularly tries to take over Skylands. "Naturally, I had every tenth one banished to my ‘Kaos Doom Challenge' to test the effectiveness of my 100 waves of ultimate evil doom - and they were never heard from again. So let's just say EVERYONE agrees - I am the most powerful and impressive evil doer ever."

Destiny: Vault of Glass Opens Tomorrow

"Assemble your Fireteam now. You'll need to work together.
You'll need to be mighty, and brave. We'll be watching."

At 5AM tomorrow morning, September 16th, the doors will open. The unspeakable evils lurking on the lush planet Venus will be unchained. As Destiny's most terrifying task, the Vault of Glass requires no less than 6 Guardians, fully-equipped with the best gear they can find.

Destiny Earns $500 Million by Day One

In a launch that can only be described as massive, Bungie's newest franchise Destiny has crushed records to set titanic milestones. Counting pre-orders and yesterday's launch, Destiny had already sold a staggering $500 million. That's roughly more than 8.3 million copies. By the end of day one.

Destiny: Beta Information + Trailer

"The Beta will include character creation, story missions,
cooperative and social activities, competitive multiplayer, and more."

Destiny is easily one of 2014's most hyped games. We've seen the E3 trailer and gameplay, but we want more. Bungie has obliged – on Bungie Day, no less! – by spilling the dates and details on Destiny's upcoming beta. But first: the beta trailer.

Activision Blizzard Drops ESA and E3 reports that Activision Blizzard, publisher of hit games such as Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Starcraft, has canceled its membership in the Entertainment Software Association, and won't be part of ESA's E3 event this year.
May 2, 2008 - Updated: Activision Blizzard has canceled its membership in the Entertainment Software Association and will not be participating in the trade group's official E3 event in Los Angeles this year.

The publishing giant will not have a presence on the E3 show floor and will hold its own off-site press event on the first night of the conference instead.

"After careful consideration, Activision has decided not to renew its ESA membership for business reasons and will not be participating in any official E3 activities," Activision told IGN in a written statement. "We appreciate the work that the ESA has done over the years in promoting the interactive entertainment industry with state and federal governments and wish the ESA best of luck with the show."