Destiny: Vault of Glass Opens Tomorrow

The sadistic six-Guardian, level 26 raid is about to open its doors to the daring elite.

"Assemble your Fireteam now. You'll need to work together.
You'll need to be mighty, and brave. We'll be watching."

At 5AM tomorrow morning, September 16th, the doors will open. The unspeakable evils lurking on the lush planet Venus will be unchained. As Destiny's most terrifying task, the Vault of Glass requires no less than 6 Guardians, fully-equipped with the best gear they can find.

"Q. When should I expect to give the Vault of Glass a run?

"The Vault of Glass can be broken into beginning on September 16th, assuming you've achieved level 25. This allows all of our players a week to dive into the world, start to make their Guardians and prepare for what lies behind a giant door on Venus."

As expected, the raid is incredibly hard. If you're looking for a challenge in Destiny, and want a shot at the best gear around, the Vault of Glass is going to kick your brass. When Bungie brought in four six-person teams to test it, they got bloody results:

"Q: What about the rumor that some "clan" spent 16+ hours playing the Raid and didn't beat it, what's the deal with that?

"In two days of playing - where they broke for meals and had some ramp up time with the game on day 1, here's what happened:

  • Two groups made it to the final encounter.  Neither group defeated it.
  • One group made it to the final encounter, but had to skip an earlier encounter.
  • One group washed out and went back to playing Strikes, Missions and Patrols."

It can't be that hard...can it? Only the bold will know its pain. Grab your friends and trudge into the bleak beyond, and claw your hands at the tempting riches within.

Good luck and farewell, Guardians.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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