Film Friday: Eight New Trailers

Eight New Trailers

Let's kick off the Fourth of July weekend with eight of the latest gaming trailers! This week be entertained with videos from Armored Warfare, Cook Serve Delicious 2, Path of Exile, Skyforge, Strike Vector EX, Sword Coast Legends, We Happy Few, and Victor Vran.

Armored Warfare - Early Access Preview


I'll be honest: Vehicular warfare games have never really been my cup of tea. So it follows that I wasn't expecting to have that great of a time with it. Boy, was I wrong.

Armored Warfare feels like the combat systems from War Thunder and World of Tanks had a baby. I say that in the best possible way. World of Tanks is home to a slower playstyle due to how the reticle aim works, while on the other hand War Thunder has much faster pacing and target acquisition is much quicker. Armored Warfare hits the sweet-spot right in the middle. Tank movement feels nimble, yet there still is that "weight" you expect from operating a box of steel death. Swinging your turret around toward the enemy feels great. The pacing of the rotation feels balanced between arcade and simulation; not too fast, not too slow. On the most-basic level, Obsidian has found a great balance between fun-to-play and believable simulation.

Armored Warfare: Testing and Founder's Packs

Obsidian Entertainment and have announced that Armored Warfare will be having its first Early Access Test (beta testing) session from May 27th through June 3rd. Those who registered for beta will have a chance to be selected for this test, or you can guarantee yourself a spot by picking up one of three Founder's Packs.

Film Friday #32: 18 New Trailers (Part Two)

Eighteen New Trailers (Part Two)

Are you ready for some more action-packed trailers? Our next nine videos include Armored Warfare, Super Dungeon Bros, Worlds of Magic, Stronghold Kingdoms, The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein, and Evolve.

Film Friday: Thirteen New Trailers (Part Two)

Thirteen New Trailers: Part Two

Humor, action and stunning visuals! In the second half of Film Friday we have a collection of videos from Armored Warfare, Call of Duty, Dragon Age: Inquisition, H1Z1, Supernova and The Sims 4.

Film Friday: Sixteen New Trailers (Part One)

Sixteen New Flicks (Part One)

What a trailer-filled week! We've collected 16 of the latest that rolled into our inbox. In the first half of Film Friday, videos feature Armored Warfare, DC Universe Online, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dying Light, EVE Online, Ironcast, Just Cause 3 and Sid Meier's Starships.

Armored Warfare: PvE Missions Revealed

Obsidian Entertainment has revealed more information about Armored Warfare’s Missions on the Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode, detailing how difficulties work and tasks players must finish to complete a mission, as well as a set of new screenshots.

Armored Warfare: Behind the Scenes Dev Diary

Armored Warfare, a free-to-play tactical military MMO, just released its first Dev Diary, helmed by Project Director Richard Taylor. In this nearly 6-minute video Richard tackles some fan questions and shows off some all-new footage of the Armored Warfare world. Questions that are covered in the video include:

  • Which vehicles are available in the game?
  • How big are the maps?
  • How realistic are the projectiles?
  • Will weather conditions affect gameplay?
  • How do the spotting mechanics work?
  • Do destroyed vehicles remain on the battlefield? Reveals Gamescom Lineup will be at Gamescom this year and plans to showcase new content and gameplay features for World of Speed, Armored Warfare and Skyforge.

E3 2014 - Between the Cracks Compilation

In the wake of E3, lots of bits and pieces get lost. Trailers get pushed aside, gameplay videos go unwatched. Big news takes the spotlight. To help fill the gaps, we've got 10 videos to help you catch anything you might've missed in the fervor of the full event!

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