Film Friday: Thirteen New Trailers (Part Two)

In the final half of Film Friday, we get some action and enjoy the visuals.

Thirteen New Trailers: Part Two

Humor, action and stunning visuals! In the second half of Film Friday we have a collection of videos from Armored Warfare, Call of Duty, Dragon Age: Inquisition, H1Z1, Supernova and The Sims 4.

Armored Warfare - Vehicle Classes Gameplay

Obsidian Entertainment and have released a brand new trailer showing off the five vehicle classes in Armored Warfare. Narrated by Senior Producer Josh Morris, the video delves into the deep tactics associated with each class and shows brand new gameplay footage. The classes in Armored Warfare are main battle tanks, light tanks, armored fighting vehicles, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and abilities which are described in the trailer.

The Sims 4 Get to Work: Detective Gameplay Trailer

Explore crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and solve crimes with the Detective career in The Sims 4 Get to Work expansion pack.

Call of Duty: Heroes Killstreaks Trailer

Join over 10 million players and experience Call of Duty: Heroes, the combat strategy game for mobile devices. Take command of iconic characters from across the Call of Duty franchise, customize your own fortified base, and lay waste to your opponents with devastating killstreaks.

Tears of a Hacker

H1Z1: Remembering those who left us. These are their "stories".

Dragon Age: Inquisition — Creating the Visual FX

Whether you’re closing a Fade rift or raining down meteors on your enemies, you’re seeing Dragon Age: Inquisition’s visual FX at work. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes and show you how the game’s special effects enhance the player experience.

Supernova Announcement Trailer

Supernova brings innovation to MOBAs through its exciting sci-fi universe that offers upgradeable armies, crafting from drops, the Mechanoughts and an unparalleled line-up of commanders. Only by mastering all that Supernova has to offer will you advance your interstellar civilization!

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We'll see you next week!

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