Sword Coast Legends Delays PC & Console Launches

This morning, n-Space and Digital Extremes announced that their upcoming Dungeons & Dragons RPG Sword Coast Legends will have its launch delayed again for both PC and consoles. The PC, Mac, and Linux launch is now slated for October 20, 2015, while the console schedule has been shifted to Q1 2016.

E3: Sword Coast Legends Dungeon Master Mode

Sword Coast Legends, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons RPG based in the Forgotten Realms, has been turning heads with the list of promising features that developer n-Space has presented. Along with the promise of a massive storyline and challenging gameplay, the game will also support multiplayer as well as a Dungeon Master (DM) Mode. We got to sit in on a preview of the DM mode and participated in the resulting dungeon run last week at E3.

Sword Coast Legends: New Forgotten Realms RPG

Earlier this month, developer n-Space announced both a partnership with Digital Extremes and that an RPG game reveal would be coming mid-February. The two studios boast a lot of talent, with the n-Space team including key contributors to Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate as well as the director of Dragon Age: Origins, while Digital Extremes has produced titles such as Warframe, co-created the Unreal franchise and have worked on the BioShock series.

Today the developers have unveiled Sword Coast Legends, a Dungeons & Dragons RPG set in the Forgotten Realms, due out later this year. Pre-orders are already open, with the game priced at $35, $60 and $240, and multiple copies priced at $150 and $350.