E3: Sword Coast Legends Dungeon Master Mode

We watched as n-Space showcased the DM mode and went on an adventure.

Sword Coast Legends, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons RPG based in the Forgotten Realms, has been turning heads with the list of promising features that developer n-Space has presented. Along with the promise of a massive storyline and challenging gameplay, the game will also support multiplayer as well as a Dungeon Master (DM) Mode. We got to sit in on a preview of the DM mode and participated in the resulting dungeon run last week at E3.

The robust DM Mode allows a player to interact with the game and setup a customized campaign for up to four of their friends to partake in. During the preview we watched as they DM placed not only zone objects, but also traps, chests, secret doors, and monsters throughout the zone. Quests are also part of this feature, with the Dungeon Master able to set parameters such as dialogue, triggers, and completion links.

The DM isn't limited to only setting up the area ahead of time. During our dungeon run we watched as he decided to add more rugs in a live tweak, which to us seemed to mysteriously appear from thin air. DMs can also directly take control of mobs in the dungeon, keeping players on their toes through their participation.

We played a dwarven rogue, Larethar Gulgrin, during our session, and found that this class is very helpful in keeping the party safe. The rogue's search mode allows them to detect traps, though our disarming of them was lackluster and failed more often than not. The class's DPS contributed well to the group, and in typical rogue fashion we managed to generate too much aggro and die a few too many times. Thank goodness for clerics.

Sword Coast Legends is primed to captivate a wide audience, and it's a title we're looking forward to. Expect it to hit PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam on September 8, 2015, with its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release scheduled for Q4 2015. Pre-orders are available now for Steam and PlayStation 4.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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