Civilization: Beyond Earth Launch Date Announced

Civilization: Beyond Earth is set to launch worldwide this autumn on October 24, 2014. Pre-ordering via participating retailers will score you a bonus Exoplanets Map Pack on launch day. The map pack includes six custom maps inspired by real exoplanets:

H1Z1: E3 Gameplay Demo

SOE knows that most of us couldn't travel to E3 and play H1Z1 for ourselves. While we saw the demo at E3, but we couldn't share the full experience. To fix that, Game Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt grabs a hatchet and explores the world, fleshing out their world of rotting flesh.

Introduction to LittleBigPlanet 3's New Faces

The PlayStation exclusive franchise, LittleBigPlanet, announced its upcoming next gen installment, LittleBigPlanet 3 during last week's E3 convention. The game is known for its masterful use of physics, quirky scenery, community-driven content and, of course, its burlap hero: Sackboy.

E3 2014 - ZAM Full Coverage Recap

E3 2014 was an exciting week and today we're wrapping up the event by putting links to all of our coverage in one place. We hope you enjoyed the glorious week-long gaming information dump as much as we did!

Interview With Gameloft: Modern Combat 5 at E3

Mobile FPS series Modern Combat will have its latest installment, Modern Combat 5, launch in the eventual future. While an exact release date isn't known, the starting price point will be $6.99. ZAM Director of Content Mike Bailey spoke with Gameloft Community Manager Ryan Changes at E3 to get more information on the upcoming title.

WildStar: Strain Ultra Drop!

WildStar’s first patch is on the Horizon and it’s looking to be big one. As players are either making their way to level 50 or already trying to figure out how to stop the deadly threat that has been unleashed upon Planet Nexus, the next page in the epic journey gets revealed.

Get ready for the Strain Ultra Drop!

Landmark: Delving the Depths of Land and Sea

During E3 2014 I was joined by ZAM's Vice President of Technology, Michael Ender, as we checked out the latest additions to SOE's sandbox MMO, Landmark. We both had played the title since Alpha, but hadn't been in-game recently to experience the newer updates which featured water and caves. What we saw at E3 impressed us enough to dive into Landmark once again.

E3 2014: Indie Avalanche

IndieCade was out at E3 this year featuring over 30 titles during the show. Here's a compilation of trailer links for many exciting games shown off last week, some of which you can already get your hands on!

The Sims 4: E3 Retrospective

During this year's E3, The Sims 4 was finally given a launch date of September 2, 2014. Players were treated to an extended hands-off demo on-site, and during EA's press conference a 4-minute long gameplay presentation was shown.

E3 2014 - Between the Cracks Compilation

In the wake of E3, lots of bits and pieces get lost. Trailers get pushed aside, gameplay videos go unwatched. Big news takes the spotlight. To help fill the gaps, we've got 10 videos to help you catch anything you might've missed in the fervor of the full event!

Miss anything from the main events?

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