E3 2014: Indie Avalanche

We round-up this year's collection of IndieCade videos!

IndieCade was out at E3 this year featuring over 30 titles during the show. Here's a compilation of trailer links for many exciting games shown off last week, some of which you can already get your hands on!

... and then it rained: Launch Trailer [0:52]
Minimalist arcade game; available now on iOS

Anamnesis: Trailer for Oculus Rift [1:39]
First-person exploration game utilizing Oculus Rift; available now

Bloom - The Game: Bloom Play Video [2:34]
An "urban" building toy, available now

Bounden: Gameplay Trailer [0:42]
A 2-player dancing game using a mobile device, available now on iOS

CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET. : Game Teaser [1:09]
A short, abstract visual novel game; available now on PC and Mac

Celestia: Trailer [1:50] and Live Demo [4:00]
Voice-driven musical game; release details unknown

Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix: Kit Trailer [5:00]
Interactive Fiction Arcade Machine; in development

Close Castles: Gameplay Demo [2:34]
Tower Defense w/ localized multi-player; in development

Drei: Game Trailer [1:19]
Collaborative skill and logic game; available on iOS and free trial on PC/Mac

Elegy for a Dead World: Quick Preview [1:49]
Exploration game based on poetic works; in development

FRACT OSC: What is FRACT? [2:30]
Musical exploration game; available now on PC

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork: Launch Trailer [0:48]
Arcade-style shoot-em-up platforming action; available now on iOS

Grow: Playtest [2:18]
3D competitive tabletop board game; release details unknown

Hack 'n' Slash: Equipment Intro [0:59]
Puzzle action game; available now on Steam Early Access

Long Take: Gameplay Demo [9:50]
2-player platformer where you play the cameraman; in development

Monstermatic: Monster Infovid [0:47]
Mobile game to create and play with a monster, with option to pay for a 3D printed model; available on iOS

Nova-111: Trailer [0:38]
Turn-based sci-fi themed game; available in 2014

please be nice :( : Gameplay up to Evolution 60 [1:19]
Player-driven feature game; freeware; available now

Paparazzi: Trailer [0:42]
Multiplayer game where you player either the celebrity or the paparazzi; release details unknown

Project Heera: Diamond Heist Beta Trailer [1:05]
Competitive multiplayer heist arena; in development

Road Not Taken: Gameplay Mechanics [1:05]
Puzzle game; coming in 2014 to PC, PS4, Vita and Mac

Slap .45: Live Demo [1:06]
3-7 player tabletop game involving slapping, westerns and cards; release details unknown

StoryPops: StoneSoup Promo [0:57]
Storybooks on a tablet using a smartphone as an interactive prop; release details unknown

Tetrageddon Games: Trailer [0:55]
Open source web-based freeware arcade; available now

T.R.E.E.Trailer [1:42]
Community-based tree-growing experience; in development

What?!? Oh...: Explanation Video [1:25]
Two-to-four player social tabletop card game; print-and-play currently available

XING: The Land Beyond: Announcement Trailer [2:29]
First-person puzzle adventure game; pre-orders open for Summer 2014 release


Later this year you can visit the IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games, running October 9-12 in Culver City - get all the details over on IndieCade's site!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor
Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey, Deputy Editor


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