Film Friday: Seven Assorted Trailers

It's Friday, and it's time to catch up on some of this week's trailers and vids!

Entropy: Quick Interview

As it stands, there’s undoubtedly one true king of Space MMOs: EVE Online. Seeking to claim its own corner of the genre is Entropy, developed by Artplant and seemingly co-published with Jagex.

Skeptical, we talked to Lead Designer Andy Butcher. Admittedly our questions are a bit tough, but Andy answers are both sensible and relieving. Take a look and decide for yourselves!

EVE Online: Industry Overhaul

EVE Online is a huge, churning war machine fueled by industry. CCP Games is acknowledging this by (almost) starting the second decade with a shotgun blast of changes. With an extensively-modified UI, the addition of "teams" and much more, EVE's industry will get a much-needed facelift.

Here's everything you can expect from the update, explained in a half-dozen blog posts:

EVE: Valkyrie Interview with Chris Smith

"My concentration is on making the best goddamn VR game I can!"

As Lead Game Designer, Chris Smith is spearheading the direction of EVE: Valkyrie. Continuing our coverage of Fanfest 2014, I sat down with him and got another look inside Valkyrie's development by CCP Games.

A few things to keep an eye on:

  • Smith references Halo 1, Team Fortress 2, Gears of War and Mario Kart
  • There's an interesting discussion on roles and cockpit vision
  • We get a second cryptic, but very revealing, answer on Rán's lore
  • Near the end, we get an exclusive scoop about Fanfest 2015!

EVE: Valkyrie Interview with Owen O'Brien

EVE: Valkyrie is the forerunner of gaming's next generation. Having played at Fanfest, the hype is real – but more on that later. I recently sat down with Owen O'Brien, Executive Producer on Valkyrie, and talked VR, UI, logos and beyond. O'Brien gives a light-hearted, insightful view inside Valkyrie's development. Two things to look out for:

  • I received a bizarre answer about Oculus as a co-publisher
  • I asked what's behind the mask of Rán – and the answer was very compelling

EVE Online: Fanfest 2014 Keynote

Kronos is the first. Of what, you ask?

More frequent updates to the EVE Online universe – roughly ten per year, in fact. Moving away from bi-annual big update model, CCP Games is looking to be a lot more agile, with rougly six weeks between each. Updates will be named after Greek gods. Sadly, these names will have no relation to content—an understandable sacrifice.

Project Legion Interview With Julien Dulioust

Project Legion. What is it?

Let’s call it a spiritual successor. Part experiment, part project, “Project Legion” is an idea grown from the seeds of DUST 514. Dubbed an MMOFPS with RPG elements, Legion could become everything people originally wanted from DUST – a free PC release with a more open, pliable world.

The ambition is huge and details are scarce.

ZAM's Deputy Editor, Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey, sat down with Julien Dulioust, “CCP Z”, Monetization Director in CCP Shanghai, at EVE Fanfest 2014 to learn a bit more.

EVE: Valkyrie - Fanfest 2014 Announcements

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey has a report on today's EVE: Valkyrie announcements, and we also have an exciting new trailer to share!

Valkyrie's engine has moved from Unity to Unreal Engine 4. At first glance hands-on, there wasn't an immediate visual difference -- but the game looks and feels as good as ever. One Valkyrie developer mentioned that while Unity was good to start, UE4 means a higher ceiling for long-term quality. Assets got pulled over from Unity, but the code (understandably) had to be redone.

Fanfest 2014: Press Pilgrimage Day 0

"So, why are you flying to Iceland?"

It's very interesting the looks you receive while explaining Fanfest. Sitting next to a spry grandfather and a middle-age nurse, I understood that their years of wisdom had no place for EVE Online – I only have a few months of gametime myself. With multiple Fanfest attendees in earshot with decades between them, I tried my best not to butcher the complex universe it celebrates.

EVE Online: Fanfest 2014 Schedule Released

With another year comes another incredible Fanfest.

Each year, fans of EVE Online and the EVE universe gather to celebrate the home they've created. This year's event is only a week away, from May 1 - 3. To help you plan ahead, CCP Games just put out a blog post detailing the festivities. In addition to the huge array of panels and presentations, there are special events occurring throughout the week: