Fan Faire: EQII Expansion Panel

The EverQuest II expansion panel was sketchy on details, but what we saw was promising.  Destiny of Velious, slated to launch February 8, will return Norrathians to the fabled continent of Velious.  Here players will continue the Order of Rime storyline, discover the fate of Thurgadin, and learn more about what happened in the 500 years between EverQuest and EverQuest II. The expansion will be levels 86+, to compliment Sentinel's Fate.  There is no level cap increase and there will be new AA although the details have not been hammered out yet. 

Community Address Added to Fan Faire Schedule

The SOE Fan Faire schedule was updated today, and now includes "an informal Community Address" by John Smedley to kick off the festivities Thursday night.  Fan Faires past have included a Community Address with high production values and players were disappointed to find it missing from the schedule.  Fear not, SOE fans, Smed will be addressing the masses!  See the revised schedule on the Fan Faire site.

SOE Announces Fan Faire 2010 Master of Ceremonies

SOE has announced that the Executive Producer of ABC’s “V” television series, veteran video game developer and ultra personality Jason “Jace” Hall, as the master of ceremonies of Fan Faire 2010 at Bally’s Las Vegas from August 5-8. Jace Hall wowed the attendees of the 2009 Fan Faire with a preview of the SOE documentary EverCracked

Hall will maintain the flow of the show by hosting the annual Kickoff Reception, Grand Banquet and Costume Contest. "I’m honored that SOE chose me as their official emcee for Fan Faire," says Hall. "Giving the show a bit of my own flavor and personality and mixing it with traditions from the past will be just the right combination to make this event PWN 4LL n00bs!"


source:  SOE Press Release

Calthine's Fan Faire Tips

Have you registered for Fan Faire yet?  It's less than a month away and registration closes in two weeks. That means it's time for my annual Fan Faire Tips!  This is stuff I and other Fan Faire veterans have learned attending past Fan Faires and other conventions.  All this may mean nothing if you're the type who can toss a change of undies in a bag and be good for a week, but me, I need to plan a bit.

SOE Fan Faire 2010 Announced

SOE has announced the dates and location for SOE Fan Faire 2010!  This annual event allows players and developers from all SOE games to mingle and discuss all matters MMO.

Fan Faire will be August 5 - 8, 2010 at Bally's Las Vegas.  See the official Fan Faire website for details!


Source:  EQII Official Forums