Dark Souls II: The Lost Crowns DLC Trilogy

Dark Souls II: the best coward-crusher of 2014, courtesy of From Software and Bandai Namco. Continuing the series' torturous satisfaction is The Lost Crowns DLC trilogy, three back-to-back DLCs released one month apart starting this July.

Crown of the Sunken King – July 22
Crown of the Old Iron King – August 26
Crown of the Ivory King – September 24

Dark Souls II: PC Launch + Trailer

PC gamers, the wait has ended.

As of yesterday at 6PM Eastern, Dark Souls II is officially ready to play on PC. While the first Dark Souls was a notably-poor PC port, it seems From Games and Bandai Namco have listened and delivered. Durante, a very well-respected modder who "fixed" the first game, has given Dark Souls II a hearty thumbs-up (although that hasn't stopped him).