Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey Launches

Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey has gone live! The free content expansion has launched as part of the game's 11th anniversary celebrations. Level cap has been removed and players are encouraged to explore the latest content.

Lingeage II: Infinite Odyssey to Launch Late April

NCSoft has announced that the Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey expansion will release on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. Launching as part of Lineage II's 11th anniversary, Infinite Odyssey demonstrates NCSoft's commitment to creating quality content for its long-running franchise. Key features and content of the expansion include:

Lineage II: Infinite Odyssey Expansion

NCSoft announced today that Infinite Odyssey is the next content expansion for Lineage II, which celebrates the 11th Anniversary of its North American launch next month. Planned to release this spring, Infinite Odyssey will add new hunting zones, a new raid boss and new skills.

NCSoft Launches Lineage II: Ertheia

NCSoft has now released its latest free content expansion for Lineage II: Ertheia! This expansion brings together events more than ten years in the making, reuniting Einhasad's four original races as a result of a dimensional rift. These races will work together in hopes to put an end to Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction.

Lineage II Expansion to Release This Month

NCSoft has just announced that the next content expansion for Lineage II, Ertheia, will release on July 30, 2014. As previously mentioned, a new race that the expansion is named after—the Ertheia—will join the ranks of Aden's heroes just in time to combat the forces of Shilen as the story further unfolds.

Lineage II Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Lineage II in North America! Up to 10 Veteran Packs, one for each year you've played, are available for players to purchase at the price of one Adena for a limited time in the Lineage II Store.

During the past decade, millions of players have joined the fight to defend the realm of Aden from Shilen, the evil Goddess of Destruction, and her dark forces. During that time, players have experienced 21 free expansions, defeated more than 350 raid bosses, explored 450 unique zones, mastered 2,200 plus unique skills, and interacted with (meaning “killed”) more than 10,000 unique NPCs and monsters, making Lineage II one of the largest MMOs in the world based on content alone.

Lineage II Expansion "Valiance" Coming December 11

One month ago, we told you all about the upcoming Lineage II expansion pack Valiance. Today, we've got news from NCSOFT: Valiance is nine days away, dropping on December 11th, 2013.
We knew that Valiance would arrive before 2014, but we're glad it won't come down to the wire.

Lineage II: New Race Teaser

NCSOFT recently teased a mysterious new race called the Ertheia, hinting that they may be coming to Lineage II. While not much is known about this new race, one can assume that they will be drawn to the conflict in the land of Aden. Only time will tell what role this race will actually play in the battles to come.

Lineage II Expansion "Valiance" Details

Three weeks ago, NCSOFT announced their new Lineage II expansion Valiance. In our previous coverage, we discussed the broad additions that were planned for the expansion. Today, NCSOFT revealed specifics on what we can expect later this year.

Lineage II Expansion: Valiance

While Aden has long enjoyed peace & prosperity, it will soon come to an end.

NCSOFT announces a brand-new Lineage II expansion "Valiance", slated for release later this year. The major content expansion will see the world begin to crumble, as old enemies rise to rekindle battles long thought won. Heroes far into the game will be faced with new challenges that push them to the limit. A few specific highlights include: