Lineage II Expansion "Valiance" Details

Curious what lies next for Lineage II? NCSOFT explores their upcoming expansion.

Three weeks ago, NCSOFT announced their new Lineage II expansion Valiance. In our previous coverage, we discussed the broad additions that were planned for the expansion. Today, NCSOFT revealed specifics on what we can expect later this year.

Four Major Returning Raid Bosses

Beleth - Level 99 | Ruler of Hellbound
"The greatest wizard in history, and also the most demonic. Through contact with the forbidden, he gained possession of a mysterious power unknown even to the gods. His most recent tracks have been through Hellbound, which underwent an astonishing transformation after he began experimenting with Chaos, a Human attribute. No one knows what he is thinking, or what he is after."

Darion - Level 99 | Beleth’s Retainer
"Originally of the demon world, he was placed among the people by Beleth in order to rule Hellbound. He seeks to gain control over Hellbound whenever Beleth disappears for one of his experiments."

Lilith - Level 89 | Daughter of Shilen
"Resurrected from one of the two Seal Stones that emerged from the darkness of the Abyss, Apostle Lilith has begun to carry out Shilen’s orders for a great sacrifice in the material world."

Anakim - Level 94 | 9th Daughter of Einhasad
"Ensnared by darkness, the feeble-minded angel Anakim now stands on the side of Shilen, her once-enemy. Resurrected from one of the two Seal Stones that emerged from the darkness of the Abyss, the fallen angel has begun to prepare a great sacrifice for Shilen."

Wide Variety of Changes

In addition to four major retuning bosses, players will find a number of delightful adjustments spanning all aspects of the game, from tweaking item acquisition and Adena distribution to boss summoning systems, boss additions and new beauty shop hairstyles. Specifics include:

  • Nearly 80 new Lv88-98 Raid Bosses have been added.
  • Significant changes have been made to Epic Dragon Raid bosses, including updated drop lists.
  • New Raid Boss Summoning system: use an Apparition Stone to summon a Raid Boss.
  • New Adena distribution system: allows equal adena distribution to party members after a raid.
  • Open Field Raid Bosses have been revamped.
  • New Clan Halls have been added.
  • The Raid Point Ranking system has been revamped.
  • New Beauty Shop Hairstyles have been added.
  • The fishing system has been completely revamped, and new unique items can be acquired.
  • The Seed of Destruction and Infinity in Gracia have been revamped and changed to instances.

We'd say that's a fairly substantial expansion, especially for a game that's "Truly Free™". A new expansion is always a great time to try a new game, so why not give it a shot?

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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