LotRO Dev Diary: Combat Changes

There are lots of changes coming to LotRO, and the combat changes being worked on affect more then just the first expansion!

So why did we change it? It was frustrating for people to not be able to aspire to truly epic gear, since we had to account for flat percentages everywhere you went. We were literally giving out tiny bits of effectiveness for our characters, and generally, although some may disagree, tiny fractional percentages just aren’t fun.

Remember, the tricky part about percentages and a successful MMO? You can’t give out more than 100%!

Read on for the entire devlog, or view it here on the official site!

Captain, Guardian and Warden Head to Level 60

The Lord of the Rings Online developers have been spending a lot of time updating us on how the new level 60 cap will affect all of the classes. They've already done Burglar, Lore-master and Hunter (covered here ) and Champion, Minstrel and Rune-keeper (covered here ). Well, now it's time for the Captain, Guardian and all-new Warden to shine in the spotlight.

As always, the diaries focus on three trait sets, improved skills and class items. Keep reading for some quotes from each entry, or check out the above links for the full entries.

Mastering the Warden

Yesterday we linked to a developer diary outlining the creation of the Warden class. Well, now they've gone one step further and posted a full article on mastering the Warden.

The Warden class represents the brave citizen-soldiers of Middle-earth, the vigilant defenders of the realm patrolling at the edge of the firelight, where civilization meets the Wild. Whether she takes after the Rangers of the North or the infantry of Gondor, the Warden is a quick and cunning skirmisher, shunning heavy and restrictive armor in favor of nimble shields and flexible leathers. Joining spear and javelin with gall and guile, the Warden stands ready to fight the Enemy at home or abroad.

The full entry can be found here or below. It gives some helpful tips on how to make the most of the class, which mainly involve learning the new Gambit system.


Warden Creation Process Discussed in Diary Entry

In the newest developer diary featuring class changes and additions in Mines of Moria, the creation of the Warden is discussed in full.

When I was first asked to lead the design for one of LOTRO’s new classes I was given two main directives. The first was that the new class should be able to function as a main tank in grouping situations, and the second was that the new class should be visually distinct from all the other classes. Those goals, along with the class name formed the foundation of the Warden.

For more information on the spear-wielding class, including an in-depth discussion of Gambits, which are special combos of skills, read the diary entry.

Dev Diaries Outline Three More Classes to 60

The Lord of the Rings Online developers recently outlined how the Burglar, Lore-master and Hunter classes will change as the level 50 cap is broken in Mines of Moria and you level to 60. Next up in the dev diary series are the updates for the Champion, Minstrel and Rune-keeper classes.

Each diary outlines the three trait sets, new skills and Legendary Items that will be available in the next 10 levels. They're all quite long and in-depth, so read them to either catch up on the Minstrel and Champion changes, or find out about the all-new Rune-keeper class.

For a summary of the Rune-keep class diary, keep reading below.

Hero's Guide Outlines Flaming Deeps Information

A massive Hero's Guide to the Flaming Deeps has been posted on the official Lord of the Rings Online Web site. It covers a myriad of topic, from Anazârmekhem quests that further the epic battle in the halls of the Flaming Deeps to the enemies and hazards adventurers will face in their travels.

Now new heroes of Middle-earth must brave the dangers of Moria in the fervent hope of conquering the world beneath and returning this once-great realm to the control of its rightful owners, the Dwarves.

As we previously announced, the Mines of Moria expansion will be released on Nov. 18.