Proving Nothing in the Proving Grounds

‘Proving Grounds’ are something I and many other World of Warcraft players have been requesting for a long, long time. I envisaged some sort of in-game tutorial or teaching tool designed especially for new players that wish to fulfil ‘important’ roles in groups, such as tanking.

New or inexperienced players would be able to learn the fundamental basics of their class and role without the pressure/stress of learning with a group of random – often impatient – players.

Warcraft is Escalating with Patch 5.3: Escalation

Well that escalated quickly-World of Warcraft’s newest patch, “Escalation” hits live servers today!  One of the biggest mechanics altering patches of Mists of Pandaria, 5.3 is adding a ton of new content, and making some big changes to already existing systems.  For detailed information, you can check out Blizzard’s official content page for 5.3 here, and for all of your guides, details, and answers to your questions, heading over to WoWhead’s 5.3 guide is also a must. 

World of Warcraft: Redemption

With the recent news that World of Warcraft has lost 1.3 million subscribers in the last 3 months, the imminent patch 5.3 suddenly carries a lot of importance. Bear in mind that, although the patch brings a lot of changes and fixes as well as some new content, 5.3 isn’t a major content patch, so will it be enough to keep players interested? Let’s take a look at why we should stick around for patch 5.3.

The Gree. They Are Returning

Good news everyone

Wait. That's the wrong space meme. 

I sense a disturbance in the Force. 

There we go, that's more like it!

News of the next content update for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been traveling around the galaxy for some time, and we now have word that Game Update 1.7: Return of the Gree will be landing at the spaceport this Tuesday.

UPDATE: For a sneak peek of what will be unleashed on February 12, check out the new official video below.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Is Live On The PTR

While I'm still off gleefully collecting sigils for Wrathion, along comes Blizzard with news that World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch 5.2 has just gone live on the PTR.

Planetside 2 Patch 1 is Live!

Planetside 2 took its servers down early this morning to apply the first large patch the game has seen since release late last month.

Game Update 1, as it's called, introduces a couple new features and a whole set of balance tweaks mainly focused on air vehicle weaponry. Possibly the most critical feature added to the game is the ability to finally honk your horn while speeding past infantry on your Flash or Sunderer. Some may say horns were added to give more customization and to let infantry know you're waiting for them to load up before you go on a Sunderer crusade, but we all know it's really there to make everyone turn around before you run over a full squad of camping teammates when there's a base to assault. That way they'll know you did it on purpose.

PS2 Flash Horn

Aside from the new transport horns, there are 2 new Assault Rifles and a Light Machine Gun distributed across the 3 factions, as well as a Rocket Launcher for Heavy Assault classes of any empire. For more information on the philosophy on the new weapons, keep an eye out for Scott Hawkes' interview with Matt Higby on Friday.

A number of air vehicle weapons have been slightly nerfed with some even being renamed. With the Skyguard Lightning AA gun getting a small boost in the form of projectile speed increase and Aircraft resistances to some weapons being lowered, it seems like air dominance will be a little harder to establish now.


You can read the full patch notes for Game Update 1 Here.


Josh "Vazzaroth" Hagood

SW:TOR Game Update 1.6

Talk about light speed.


Seems to be a big 'ol patch-fest this week in MMO land. Yesterday, Blizzard pushed out World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Landfall, Patch 5.1 to the live servers. Today, Sony launched Rain of Fear - the 19th expansion for EverQuest. And we also saw the not-yet-released MechWarrior Online release a doozy of a patch.

DCUO Update 21 & New Legends Characters

In true heroic fashion, Sony Online Entertainment today released Game Update 21 for DC Universe Online.

WoW Patch 5.1 Incoming 11/27

What's that sound you hear off in the distance? Why, it's the whistle of the Blizzard express train, and it's pulling into Patchville station tomorrow morning, November 27th, to deliver World of Warcraft 5.1 to players everywhere.