Nexus Talk Episode 64: Endgame PvP Concerns

Nexus Talk Episode 64 is here and this week Richie Procopio has brought with him a special guest to discuss the state of WildStar's end game PvP. That's right! PvP Guru Ed Park, aka Taugrim, is here to help Richie break down some of the issues and concerns players have been running into on the road through end game PvP in WildStar and offer his input on what Carbine might be able to do to address some of these issues.

Keep in mind that this episode was recorded before the most recent Sabotage PvP update, so there are a few changes that may not have been discussed in this week's video. In any case, these gentlemen are stepping into the ring and taking off the gloves this time around, so stay tuned!

WildStar Content Drop: Sabotage

The next WildStar content drop is on the horizon and Carbine is looking to drop bombs–literally. Sabotage is the name of the next content drop, for a pretty good reason, as the update brings in the new PvP Battleground, Daggerstone Pass, that boasts enough explosives and fire power to send your enemies, or your own team, flying over the sunset in a blaze of glory.

WildStar PvP Livestream Video and Recap

If you missed last weekend's WildStar PvP livestream, have no fear because Carbine has the video prepped and ready to go for your viewing pleasure this week. Join Senior Community Manager, David Bass, Community Manager, Tony Rey and PvP Systems Lead, Jen Gordy, as they spill the details on everything related to WildStar's Battlegrounds and Arenas.

If you take away anything from this video remember to stay out of the red, go for objectives and lead your team to victory–or die trying.

WildStar: The PvP Plans

For some, MMOs are all about exploring the world and everything in it. They’re on an adventure, questing through every corner of the land, or battling through the toughest dungeons. If it involves saving the city for an epic reward, they’re in.

Others choose to take a different path; one littered with the corpses of those who challenged them. They’re out to prove themselves on the killing fields, either in tight arena combat or open battlegrounds. With the bloodlust in the air, the opponents they seek aren’t dungeon dwelling monsters, but other players.

After battling through the first ever WildStar Arena PvP tournament at Arkship EU (you can read her Dev Diary on arenas or responses to PvP concerns), I asked Carbine’s Lead PvP Designer Jen Gordy about her plans for the upcoming MMO. During the interview we touched on her general approach, skill balance between PvE and PvP, itemization and much more. 

The Secret World: Probing PvP

If you've been following our previous coverage on The Secret World, you probably think we've spent most of our time killing zombies, uncovering secrets, escaping Hell and battling long-dead Gods. But while the Secret Societies struggle to keep the world from crumbling beneath us, there's a further threat they also face: each other.

For the fourth and final Beta Weekend Event, Funcom invited all challengers into the fighting arenas of Eldorado, Stonehenge and Fusang Projects. Whether it's to settle old scores against other beta testers, represent your Society in battle, or simply sate a growing bloodlust, this weekend was all about PvP combat. With each of the three factions represented in every location, conflict promised to be fast-paced and brutal. Under the watchful eye of the Council of Venice, victories would be won and glory earned.

We won't have long to find out how The Secret War will unfold. With Early Access starting on Friday June 29th and full launch following on Tuesday July 3rd, thousands of players will be flooding in to unleash chaos on Funcom's Secret World. Although the grand battle is yet to begin, this is what we encountered in the prelude.

Level Restrictions Applied to Lake Wintergrasp

Blizzard poster Bornakk recently listed a bunch of in-game fixes that have been applied since mid-February. One fix was implemented on Saturday that applied level restrictions to Lake Wintergrasp:

"Only players level 70 or higher can count towards the tenacity tally or obtain the tenacity buff and get credit for victory or defeat. In addition, only players level 50 or higher will be able to use the portal to Wintergrasp."

Previously on March 6, modifications were made to the Ring of Valor arena, including the removal of the gates. Also, the small side pillars now start in the up position. Keep reading the rest of the in-game fixes after the jump.