Nexus Talk Episode 64: Endgame PvP Concerns

Join Richie Procopio and special guest Ed Park, aka Taugrim, as they break down WildStar's endgame PvP.

Nexus Talk Episode 64 is here and this week Richie Procopio has brought with him a special guest to discuss the state of WildStar's end game PvP. That's right! PvP Guru Ed Park, aka Taugrim, is here to help Richie break down some of the issues and concerns players have been running into on the road through end game PvP in WildStar and offer his input on what Carbine might be able to do to address some of these issues.

Keep in mind that this episode was recorded before the most recent Sabotage PvP update, so there are a few changes that may not have been discussed in this week's video. In any case, these gentlemen are stepping into the ring and taking off the gloves this time around, so stay tuned!

If you're looking for more Richie Procopio be sure to follow him on Twitter @RichieProcopio and don't forget to follow our special guest Ed Park @taugrim and check out his blog at for more PvP insight and analysis. As always, for past and future episodes of Nexus Talk, be sure to subscribe to the ZAMOfficial YouTube Channel as we continue to cover more WildStar news, information and updates.

We'll see you on Nexus!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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