Win a free Razer Naga Molten Mouse from Rappelz!

Want the chance to win a free Razer Naga Molten Mouse? Well, all you need to do is take the Rappelz "What Pet Are You?" quiz, and you'll automatically be entered to win. I know all of us, at some point, has wondered what adorable Rappelz pet we might be, so really this is about discovering something within yourself. The chance to win a Razer Naga Molten Mouse (say that three times fast) is really just icing on the cake. Delicious icing. On a delicious cake.

Remember, you'll need a registered gPotato account in order to enter the raffle, otherwise they can't contact you! And make sure you take that quiz before November 16th, because that's when it ends!

So just hop on over and take the Rappelz "What Pet Are You Quiz" and that's all there is to it! Bonus points, however, if you rep that pet tag on every forum you will ever post on. Ever. Incidentally, I'm a Naga!

Rappelz Hosts Video Contest for 5th Anniversary

In celebration of Rappelz's fifth anniversary, gPotato is hosting a video contest that is offering some quality headphones in exchange for a video commemorating your favorite pet. The team is looking for videos that make them "laugh, cry, cheer, and blow our minds."

What do your pets do when they're not busy fighting? What’s their favorite way to help you in battle? Submit a video using all the footage at your disposal (even live action) by October 28 and you could win the grand prize: a pair of Astro A40 Wireless Headphones customized with Rappelz logos, along with 5,000 gPotatoes! Three runners-up will also receive Astro A40 Gaming Headphones customized with Rappelz logos.

It's worth noting that pets in Rappelz are more than just vanity items. Players can actually battle and tame creatures in the game to obtain them as pets. Check out the free-to-play game, grab a pet and make a video for a shot at those headsets!

gPotato Europe Raises €20,000 for Japan Relief

Back in March, Gala Networks Europe released special charity items in four of its games to support relief efforts in Japan following the recent tsunami and earthquake. Today they announced that players of Rappelz, Flyff, Castle of Heroes and Terra Militaris raised a combined total of €22,151 by purchasing these items.

The money was donated to the Irish Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal on May 31 and will be relayed to its Japanese counterpart to help assist those impacted by one of Japan’s worst natural disasters. The European fundraiser was part of a global GALA Group initiative that raised close to €50,000 worldwide. Launches Charity Donations for Japan

Gala Networks Europe announced today that it will be launching special charity items for four of its games to support relief efforts in Japan. The full cash value of these cash shop items will be donated to the Irish Red Cross, which will transfer the amount to Japan.

Rappelz and Flyff players can purchase the charitable items starting today, March 25. Tera Militaris and Castle of Heroes players will be able to participate starting next week. It's definitely a good cause, so keep an eye on the cash shops for these games and consider making a donation. Portal Passes 6,000,000 Users

Gala Networks Europe is excited to announce the portal has passed a landmark with six million players across its English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Turkish portals.

CEO of Gala Networks Europe Hyun Hur said:

"Reaching six million registered users is a huge achievement for Gala Networks Europe, as we pride ourselves on running a select group of high-quality online games that create loyal user bases."

To celebrate this landmark, a number of in-game events will be taking place across a range of titles in the portal’s portfolio. Check out the full list of events after the jump!

Epic VI: Solus Aurum Launches in Rappelz

Epic VI: Solus Aurum is now live in Rappelz, and the update adds the new Sanctuary dungeon and three pets to the free-to-play MMO. The Octopus, Naga and Genie can all be tamed as pets and are pulled directly from Arabic tales. The flea market is now open for business as well.

In addition to the new content, the login and loading screens have been redesigned to look sleeker and add functionality. More information on the update, including details on new items and combination options, can be found on the Solus Aurum site.

Epic VI: Solus Aurum Coming To Rappelz

On October 14th, Rappelz will be launching Epic VI: Solus Arum via their game portal, This new epic will bring brand new dungeons, as well as new pets to the Rappelz world. In terms of new pets, while we mentioned earlier in a press release that they would be the Kraken, the Tafari and the Djinn, but localization kicked in and they've become the Octopus, the Genie and the Naga. The Octopus will be a pet focused on melee fighting, and the Djinn is said to be "one of the strongest but rarest pets available." The Naga were already introduced as monsters in Navislamia, but now with the release of Solus Aurum, they will be tameable as pets.

A new high level dungeon also comes with this expansion: The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is inspired by Egyptian Mythology, and the team considers the ultimate boss of the dungeon, the Solus Aurum Aurumis, to be one of the toughest monsters in the game. Players who complete these new boss battles will be able to enter a new marketplace, where they can buy and sell their items more efficiently.

Rappelz Epic VI: Solus Aurum will launch in North America this October. For more information visit the official Solus Aurum Site.

Three Tamable Creatures to be Added in Expansion

gPotato Europe has announced that three new tamable creatures will be added to Rappelz in the Golden Monarch expansion, which is scheduled to launch at the end of this month. All of creatures are pulled directly from Arabic tales.

The three new creatures are the Kraken, a giant octopus, the lovely magician Tafari and the Djinns, which use the power of the wind to protect their masters. More information can be found in the announcement after the jump.

Rappelz Exclusive Media #2

Lately there has been plenty of talk about the new content that has been making its way to Rappelz live servers. The highly polished F2P MMO that has nearly finished its global rollout also the games developer NFlavor recently announced that it's working out the details for a launch in Russia later this year. In light of all its success we had the opportunity to interview Rappelz Producer, Henry Law and we've also been able to secure some new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the new screenshots and check out our exclusive interview with Rappelz Producer, Henry Law.

Rappelz Interview

As we mentioned yesterday, we have an exclusive interview with Rappelz Producer, Henry Law for your reading pleasure. During the interview we asked about some of the newer features that have been added including the Rappelz Arsenal and Epic VI: Navislamia. Catch up with all the latest Rappelz happenings with ZAM.

ZAM: Hi there! Thanks a lot for chatting with us about Rappelz.

Henry Law:
Thanks for asking us to chat! I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

First of all, Rappelz seems to be implementing a lot of concepts that feel similar to the recent developments of other mainstream MMORPGs. In particular, the Rappelz Arsenal sounds very similar to the World of Warcraft armory, in that both feature the ability for players to look up the statistics and gear of other players. There's also the Player Representation Voting that will see one player from every server get voted to become a representative of the player populace, which sounds very similar to EVE Online's innovative player council. While these are great ideas that I think should be implemented across other MMORPGs, What do you think -really- seperates Rappelz from other games?