A Look At GRAVITY's Awesomely Bloody Requiem

As my beloved MMO industry gets more and more saturated with all sorts of micro-transaction cash grabs and mini 'low resource' (aka cheap) MMOs, I find that the genres available for experimentation are gradually thinning out as well. For some companies, oversaturation of a specific MMO genre is not a problem, but most producers would agree that, once a genre and style has been 'done,' many developers would rather not follow in their footsteps. Personally, while I would be very happy if we all just stayed far, far away from making more superhero MMOs, I really would appreciate it if all of you developers out there would just ignore Requiem: Bloodymare, and just go on thinking that nobody has made a decent horror MMORPG as of yet. If you are a developer reading this, and you're struggling to find an unexplored MMO genre, take a shot at the horror MMO! As long as everything doesn't remind me of vampires, I think there's a lot of potential here.

Requiem: Bloodymare - Possession Beasts

Requiem: Bloodymare presents everything ou ever wanted to know about Possession Beasts, but were afraid to ask.

On Possession Beasts

Remnants of an ancient tribe, the Possession Beasts are rare and powerful creatures. Born from sealed relics, the Beasts are the lasting heritage of the Khun, a human-beast hybrid tribe from southeast Parness. Taming the beast sealed within the relics, Temperions can summon forth the great power of these beasts. With the brawling Giont and the intelligent Rebria, Temperions can temporarily enhance their own fighting abilities with the beast's skills. Most fighters prefer the Giont's skill, feeling their own strength and power swell into crushing blows. The caster classes stay more towards Rebria, preferring to use their wits to freeze enemies at a distance. As more of Ethergia is explored, who knows what other beast relics lay in wait, patiently waiting for a new owner to tame them and bring them to bear against their foes.

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Requiem: Bloodymare Humanoid Weapon Race: Kruxenas

Requiem: Bloodymare features a humanoid weapon, the race of Kruxenas! They are cold, calculating, brutal, and we've got screenies!

Strength: Physical and Spiritual Superiority
Weakness: Won’t cooperate with other races. Lack compassion and are inhumane.

Characteristics: Kruxenas are endowed with both strong strength and spirit: they can use short and long range weapons, and can become skilled in magic. They are brutal and cold hearted since they were created to destroy, They will even sacrifice their companions to accomplish their ends. Kruxenas have no qualms over mutilating their enemies and tend to be antisocial.

Combat Style: Warrior classes use light, short range weapons to perform quick strikes, supplemented by DOT attacks. They can also use long range weapons in pre-emptive attacks. Magician classes use DOT magic to curse and poison enemies, but they are more vulnerable than the warrior classes.

Relationship with Other Race: Kruxenas were created by the ancient Natsu race to be humanoid weapons. They are unfriendly to all other races, except for Batuks since they share some of the same genes. Their wickedness and contempt starkly contrast with the more compassionate Turans.

For more screen shots of this incredible race check out our Requiem: Bloodymare games list entry!

Requiem Preorders Play Early

Can't wait to get started with Requiem? Preorder, and you'll get your chance three days before others.
Purchase a Basic or Premium package for Requiem: Bloodymare and receive an exclusive 3-day early access pass into the game! This offer is only available to registered users who purchase a monthly package from June 5 to June 12, 2008. Players may enter Requiem as early as June 16, 2008 with this pre-order purchase.
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The Nightmare Begins June 16, 2008!

Received just a short while ago in our press room!

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – June 6, 2008Requiem: Bloodymare will bring a new era of mature horror to the MMO space with its commercial launch. Players that pre-order subscriptions will be able to begin playing on June 16, three days before gamers using the free-to-play option.

This M-rated horror title brings a new option to mature MMO players looking for an alternative to the standard game fare.  In addition to the controversial content, Requiem: Bloodymare’s gameplay challenges conventional MMO approaches.

Pre-Order Offer from Requiem!

The folks at Requiem: Bloodymare are offering an exclusive 3-day early access pass into the game, for those registered users who preorder between June 5, 2008 and June 12, 2008!  Not only that, but these individuals will also receive special experience bonus gains, as well.

To get all of the details, check out the Requiem: Bloodymare Official Site!

Requiem: Bloodymare Open Beta

This just in from Gravity Interactive:

gorIest game to hit the mmo world GOES INTO OPEN BETA


Groundbreaking Horror MMO Available to the Public



MARINA DEL REY, Calif. -- May 13, 2008 – MMO fans, the wait is over, registration for the Requiem: Bloodymare beta begins today. Gamers can begin playing on May 15, 2008.


Requiem: Bloodymare’s brand of horror is changing the face of massively multiplayer online games. With innovative ragdoll physics, buckets of blood and the unique Nightmare, DNA and Beast Possession systems, Requiem offers players gameplay they will not find anywhere else.

Requiem: Bloodymare Beta Screenshots

We've just received new screenshots from the highly anticipated mature MMORPG titled "Requiem: Bloodymare". Currently in closed beta, this bloody MMO promises to bring something unique to the MMO market. From the screenshots, it's clear that this is true.

Make sure to check out everything Requiem: Bloodymare over at our gamelist and don't forget to gander at all the new screenshots straight from closed beta!

Requiem: Bloodymare Closed Beta Extended

Yesterday it was announced that the closed beta for Requiem: Bloodymare will be extended.
The closed beta period is extended until Thursday April 17th, 2008.

This is to provide us further opportunity to optimize and correct the game as much as possible before stress testing and eventual launch of Requiem.

Thank you for your continued support.
Only a few more weeks to go!

New Bloodymare Trailer at Gamestrailers

Requiem: Bloodymare has released a new game trailer, and you can see it on gametrailers.com!
Gaze into the MMORPG of madness in this blood-soaked visage.
The video is titled Gore Beyond Necropsy, and just like the game, is only appropriate for those 18 or older.