Requiem: Bloodymare - Possession Beasts

Requiem: Bloodymare presents everything ou ever wanted to know about Possession Beasts, but were afraid to ask.

On Possession Beasts

Remnants of an ancient tribe, the Possession Beasts are rare and powerful creatures. Born from sealed relics, the Beasts are the lasting heritage of the Khun, a human-beast hybrid tribe from southeast Parness. Taming the beast sealed within the relics, Temperions can summon forth the great power of these beasts. With the brawling Giont and the intelligent Rebria, Temperions can temporarily enhance their own fighting abilities with the beast's skills. Most fighters prefer the Giont's skill, feeling their own strength and power swell into crushing blows. The caster classes stay more towards Rebria, preferring to use their wits to freeze enemies at a distance. As more of Ethergia is explored, who knows what other beast relics lay in wait, patiently waiting for a new owner to tame them and bring them to bear against their foes.

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Like an angry god of fire, Giont bursts forth with a fury and rage, crushing enemies beneath his mighty fists. With a primal scream and a wreath of flame, Giont rains blow after blow down upon hapless foes. Sheathed in Bloody armor, Giont is the master of melee combat, preferring to take the fight to his enemies up close and personal. With his Rigorous Punch, Giont smashes a single foe, but when the numbers are stacked against him, he can unleash the devastating Annihilator's Hammer, rupturing the very ground they stand upon. As he grows in power, Giont's attacks become more formidable and with new skills bestowed upon him from his armor, such as Heart Hunter and Cranium Strike, Giont is truly a beast in all forms of the word.


The Possession Beast Rebria is a powerful caster type beast. Rebria has an array of instantly cast skills like Bubble of Hell which seals your target in a bubble of magic reducing its movement speed and inflicting magic damage. Instant Cast skills allow the character to cast while on the move through the mobs of nightmarish creatures you will face in Requiem. As with other caster type characters they can learn various powerful skills for devastating your targets at a distance; skills such as Globe of Glacial Coldness which will rip through the air generating a glacial flow closing up to a 30 meter gap between you and your frozen foe. Rebria can also learn skills for making an entire party more effective such as Protection of the Goddess which will increase your entire parties Health Recovery rate, and an array of different Passive skills which affect your Rebria at all times making the beast stronger without the need to use a litany of skills before going into combat. Rebria can also wear dazzling blue sea armor on the Rebria's own unique equipment panel each piece of armor granting the Rebria a new skill only available by equipping these special possession beast armors found only on the most nightmarish of monsters in Ethergia.


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