Shadow Realms May Have Been Canceled

GameInformer has reported that Shadow Realms, the 4v1 ARPG in development by BioWare, is rumored to be canceled. Reasons are currently unknown and Electronic Arts has declined to comment at this time.

Friday Update Arcade Episode 1

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's first-ever edition of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • PAX Prime Recap from ZAM
  • The Sims 4 isn't blowing minds (...yet?)
  • A new Saint's Row game, now with more Hell
  • WildStar gets a megaserver
  • ESO is hit with massive layoffs

PAX Video Coverage Mega-Drop: Day 1

ZAM had a great weekend at PAX Prime, with Mike Bailey and Lindsay Ferguson capturing some fantastic interviews. Check out the first five videos below and then hop to this article to see our Day 2 coverage!

Shadow Realms: What You Need to Know

At 5AM Eastern this morning, Bioware and EA revealed the detail of its latest IP: Shadow Realms. Hype had peaked. The audience was ready. Four cinematic teasers over three weeks had built a dark allure around the mysterious new title. It was finally time to open the curtain.

Gamescom 2014: EA Main Event

Welcome back to Gamescom 2014!

Gamescom's third live event (3 of 3) is from EA. We'll be covering it live, keeping this page fresh. Open the stream and keep refreshing this page!

When: 4:00AM Eastern / 1:00AM Pacific — Watch on!
All Events: Xbox, PlayStation, EA

Bioware: New IP Teaser #2

Your power is rising.
Cologne, Germany.
You’ve Been Chosen.

Bioware's hype machine is in full-swing, churning out the second teaser for their upcoming game. This one is labeled "Spark", for very apparent reasons:

Bioware Teases Next Game

The time is near. They are watching. Your power is rising.
Cologne, Germany. You've Been Chosen.

Bioware has just released a 40-second teaser for their next game(volume warning)