PAX Video Coverage Mega-Drop: Day 1

Mike B and Lindsay were on the scene at PAX Prime and have much to share!

ZAM had a great weekend at PAX Prime, with Mike Bailey and Lindsay Ferguson capturing some fantastic interviews. Check out the first five videos below and then hop to this article to see our Day 2 coverage!

Lindsay spoke with Motiga's Product Development VP, James Phinney, about the studio's upcoming 5v5 competitive action game, Gigantic. The game pulls elements from several genres and employs tactical play; the dynamic gameplay is "part of the identity of the game."

Only one map was playable at PAX, but more are in the works. James discusses how creative decisions are made collaboratively with the goals of the game design always in mind. Other topics such as verticality, characters, and mechanics are discussed.

Head over to the official site to sign up for the Gigantic alpha now!


Lindsay speaks with Below's Creative Director Kris Piotrowski about the adventure exploration game. They discuss inspiration for the game, its gameplay, how development is progressing, and more. When the game is ready to be released it will be available on Steam and Xbox One.


Lindsay Ferguson has a brief chat with Zombies Monsters Robots Producer Matt Denomme. Some gameplay is shown, and Matt discusses the new update for this free-to-play FPS game.


Lindsay Ferguson spoke with BioWare's Design Director, Gabe Amatangelo, about Shadow Realms, a modern fantasy cooperative game currently in development. At its core, this title is a BioWare RPG which uses the traditional storytelling one comes to expect, but the story elements will be delivered episodically to the players.

When you launch a mission in Shadow Realms' parallel world, you're sent into a seamless co-op instance with three other players. The four heroes will be pitted against a Shadow Lord who is controlling the dungeon. The Shadow Lord will be pulling out the stops to try and best the heroes; for instance, he could cast a doppelganger to attempt to strategically lure them into a trap.

The hero classes revealed so far are what you could expect from an RPG game: Assassin, Cleric, Ranger, Warlock, Warrior and Wizard. Sign-ups are already open for alpha on the official site; register now for a chance to test and help the development process of the game.


Don't Starve Together, the multiplayer expansion of Don't Starve that was announced back in early May, will be heading into closed beta around the end of September, with registration being announced on the forums about 1-2 weeks beforehand. Mike B ran through a 15 minute alpha demo at PAX while interviewing Klei Entertainment's Technical Designer, Seth Rosen.

During the interview we discovered that when you die, you now can become a ghost for a short time and can haunt various items. Haunting will extend your life in this ghostly state, but to not completely detract from the hardcore element of the game, your death timer will eventually expire. You and your fellow players will have access to a new item, the Telltale Heart, will help ressurect a player out of this ghostly state.

An in-game chat is available so you can communicate with nearby players. Mike B also discusses servers, and experiences a new "end times" event that triggered just before the server was going to reset, and is intended to give a sort of finality to the play session.


Check out our Day 2 videos here!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor
Micheal Bailey (aka Mike B), Director of Content
Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson, Brand Ambassador
Images by Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey, Deputy Editor


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