Film Friday: Six New Trailers

The weekend is upon us yet again! Though gamescom has been stuffing us full of news and trailers all week (keep up with our recaps here), we still have some other videos to share for Film Friday! Enjoy the latest flicks from Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Mad Max, Pillars of Eternity, Shards Online, The Sims 4, and Trans-Galactic Tournament.

Shards Online: Roadmap and Updates

Citadel Studios released its latest Shards Online newsletter yesterday, giving fans an update on the upcoming RPG's development progress. The team has added a Pre-alpha 2 phase, pushing Alpha 1 back a bit to Fall 2015. Another roundtable is coming up in April and a system has been created for resource gathering.

Shards Online: An Interview With Derek Brinkmann

An Interview With Derek Brinkmann

Shards Online, the upcoming sandbox RPG featuring player-run servers from Citadel Studios hit its Kickstarter goal on Wednesday and is now looking toward the future. We spoke to Citadel's Founder and CEO Derek "Supreem" Brinkmann about stretch goals, Shards' playable female character, customization and more.

Film Friday: Eight New Trailers

We're back post-BlizzCon madness and have eight more great videos to share this week. Strap in for a look back 10 years ago, an invasion in Times Square, the re-birth of a Kickstarter campaign and more!

Shards Online Releases Development Roadmap

Citadel Studios has released its development roadmap for the continuing work into Shards Online. The roadmap stretches from its current pre-alpha state into an alpha phase during Winter 2014 through most of 2015, and if all goes according to plan, the game will enter beta in Winter 2015.

Shards Online Open Preview Weekend

Citadel Studios has reached the final week of its Shards Online Kickstarter and wants everyone to get a chance to go hands-on with the game—no strings attached. You can currently download the game, which has no NDA over the weekend, and hop in to try it out. If you were on the fence about backing the Kickstarter, now is the perfect time to check things out.

Shards Online: Battle of the Backers

Shards Online, an Indie Sandbox MMORPG currently in development by Citadel Studios, continues its Kickstarter campaign with an exciting event: the Battle of the Backers.

Shards Online Kicks Up Its Campaign a Notch

The Shards Online crowdfunding campaign still has about 20 days remaining to reach its goal, and yesterday Citadel Studios doubled down by releasing an update stating that all $20+ backers will receive a code to get in-game for pre-alpha testing sessions after the campaign successfully completes. In addition, Citadel is offering an extra three months of premium subscription time to all $20+ backers, on top of what the reward tier already grants.

Shards Online Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Shards Online, an Indie Sandbox MMORPG currently in development by Citadel Studios, launched its Kickstarter campaign earlier today. The game will feature a variety of rulesets, including player customization of their own. The "shards" and "clusters" system is akin to zones and servers, with Citadel running official ruleset shards, as well as players being able to rent and host their own shards. For more information on the game, check out our pre-alpha preview with co-founder and CEO Derek Brinkmann.

Shards Online: Pre-Alpha Preview

Citadel Studios, with former Mythic, EA and Ultima Online developers gracing its ranks, is mixing up the sandbox MMO pot with its current title in development: Shards Online. At its core, the game features “shards” and “clusters”, which are comparable to zones and servers. A shard is a single game world with one ruleset, akin to a map or a zone in other games. Many shards of the same ruleset can connect into a cluster; clusters with the official game and rules will be run by Citadel, and specialized player administrated clusters, with their own rulesets and tweaks, will also be supported.

We sat down recently with Citadel’s founder and CEO, Derek Brinkmann, to get a look at a pre-alpha demo of Shards to get an idea of what the game will have to offer.