Film Friday: Eight New Trailers

It's Friday once more and a new dose of game trailers has arrived!

We're back post-BlizzCon madness and have eight more great videos to share this week. Strap in for a look back 10 years ago, an invasion in Times Square, the re-birth of a Kickstarter campaign and more!

EverQuest II - Original CGI Launch Trailer

EverQuest II celebrated its 10th anniversary on Sunday, November 9, 2014. Take a look back at the game's 2004 CGI launch trailer!

Check out the all-new "10 Year Adventure" as well!

Grand Theft Auto V: PS4/Xbox One Launch Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V launches November 18th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the all-new Launch Trailer, which also aired as the game's official TV spot this week.

Pre-order now and get a bonus $1M of in-game money to spend ($500K for Story Mode and $500K for GTA Online).

Quantum Rush: Champions - Boss Introduction

Quantum Rush: Champions, a standalone single-player racing game developed for the PC by GameArt Studio, is now available via Steam Early Access!

At the end of each tier in the Early Access campaign the boss Vengarra Gur waits for you! You have to defeat him to unlock the next higher tier. Vengarra Gur is a master of mean tricks with which he wants to turn the race into hell!


Shards Online - Kickstarter Video

Ultima Online meets Neverwinter Nights in this subscription-free online PC game where the community can change all the rules. The goal of this campaign is to get Shards Online to alpha. We are really close, but need you to help us get the rest of the way there.

We have redefined what core features are necessary for our first alpha build based on player feedback. Our primary goal is to ensure that we have enough re-playable content in our Alpha One build to keep players engaged while we continue development.

We are so dedicated to this project that we have committed to match our campaign goal of $50k with some small investments from our personal network. Combining these investments with a refocused plan, we are confident that we can get to alpha with a relatively small goal.

Battleline: Steel Warfare Announcement Trailer

Battleline: Steel Warfare is the newest up and coming free-to-play game from Bandai Namco Games America. Real time strategy meets nation-conquering meets tank shooter in Battleline, If you love sighting and delivering sabot rounds downrange onto enemy armor as well as invading foreign territory with your tank guild then Battleline is for you!

Use modern armor and your teammates to create an unmatched battle experience where you can defeat your nemesis one-on-one, command a squad of tanks to maneuver & concentrate fire while invading other territories in a game of geopolitical chess using upgradeable tanks as your pawns!

Only Battleline has all these strategic and tactical elements in one game. Victory is only victory on all fronts!

Infinite Crisis - Arcade Supergirl Trailer

On the day Kara Zor-El was to be inducted into the ranks of Heralds of Rao, her life was shattered. A traitor revealed the location of the Shrouded Realm of Krypton to the Black, and servants of that evil realm poured into Krypton. The Hidden Lords of Krypton and the Kryptonians fought back bravely, but the forces of the Black were limitless.

When all hope seemed lost, Alura, Kara's mother and leader of the Heralds, commanded her Flamebird mount to snatch Kara away. Unable to escape the beast's talons, Kara watched helplessly as her mother was struck down. The servants of the Black closed in on her as the beast teleported to Earth, a planet in the lower realms.

Her home forever lost, Kara swore that no matter the cost, Rao’s last Herald would have revenge on the Black.

LittleBigPlanet 3 - London Stop-motion Art Challenge

Four artists transform an enormous warehouse in South London. LittleBigPlanet 3 is all about boundless creativity. We challenged The Outside Collective to use their imagination to transform a London warehouse. To make this video, it took: 4 artists, 4 film crew, a 4,000sq ft/ 371sq m double height warehouse, 2,000 spray paint nozzles, 670 tins of spray paint, 324 hours, 4,012 hand-painted frames... and 750 tea bags.

World of Warcraft - The Iron Horde Invades Times Square

The Warlords of Draenor expansion launched yesterday, but prior to that, The Iron Horde made its mark on Times Square in NYC. After you're done watching the video be sure to check out the photos that Wowhead took!

Grommash has taken a bite out of the Big Apple, and Azeroth is next!


That's it for this week, see you next Friday!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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