Donna Prior: The Life of a Community Manager

In its purest and simplest form, a Community Manager is a brand advocate. In the world of online game community management, Community Managers are in charge of not only promoting the brand but also for being the liaison between developers and the community. And when the community you’re in charge of happens to be an extremely vocal fanbase, life isn’t exactly easy. That much is clear to Donna Prior, Community Manager Team Lead at En Masse Entertainment.

Donna Prior

Hands-on with TERA's New Gunner Class

TERA will be getting both a new class and a Steam launch next week. On May 5th, the Gunner—a fast-paced, ranged DPS—will be added to the game. The class will introduce a variety of skills and flavor, including special abilities that use Willpower.

We went hands-on with the Gunner class last week, accompanied by TERA Producer Patrick "Treeshark" Sun.

TERA: Fate of Arun Launches

TERA today launched its first-ever major expansion: Fate of Arun. The release is free to all players and is the largest content update the game has ever seen.

TERA: Fate of Arun to Launch in December

This morning En Masse Entertainment announced that the first expansion for TERA will launch on December 16, 2014. In Fate of Arun players set sail to Northern Arun to face new enemies and challenges as they explore the mysterious continent and try to break the siege of the Archdevan Imperial Army in an epic new story-line, as well as experience a myriad of new gameplay enhancements catering to both new and existing players.

TERA: Fate of Arun Expansion Announced

Two years after the North American release of TERA it will finally receive its first expansion, Fate of Arun. The continent of Northern Arun, under siege by a soul-sucking bloodmage army, will open up to players. Discovering the home city of the Barakan, fight against a new evil force, enjoy a new storyline and many other features.

TERA: Revenge of Kaprima Halloween Event

Halloween is right around the corner and TERA has begun its spooky celebratory events once again during the Revenge of Kaprima in-game event.

TERA Launches Event with Kickstarter Theme

These days, it's tough for devs to come up with a truly unique event. Usually they're all tied to holidays or some other seasonal trope. Don't get me wrong, they're fun! – but they're expected.

En Masse has a fresh take for TERA: a Kickstarter-themed event.

TERA: Rising - Wounded World Update

On July 8, 2014 a big content update will be coming to TERA: Rising! Featuring four vast dungeons, the Wounded World update offers elite gear, new game modes and epic bosses.

TERA: New Class - the Reaper

"Do you want a class that can takeout multiple enemies at once? Do you want a class that is part melee, but also mid-ranged? Do you want a class that's born from the ashes of destruction? The Reaper is what you want, providing all this and more."

Highly-mobile. Strong ranged DPS. Melee versatility. This is the new TERA class just released by En Masse Entertainment, the dark and dangerous Reaper. With 17 abilities and a compelling storyline, everyone with a level 40 character and an open character slot ought to embrace the darkness.

Tera Prepares For Its New Class: The Reaper

As En Masse Entertainment celebrates two years of TERA, it also prepares to release the game's latest class. What do you get when you combine a Ninja with a scythe-wielding nightmare? Well, you get the Reaper. This close to mid-range fighter will be making its way to the game on May 13th and she isn't looking for friends. No, this little fighter is out for revenge!

Fear the Reaper!