Hands-on with TERA's New Gunner Class

We blasted our way through some BAMs while checking out the new Gunner class.

TERA will be getting both a new class and a Steam launch next week. On May 5th, the Gunner—a fast-paced, ranged DPS—will be added to the game. The class will introduce a variety of skills and flavor, including special abilities that use Willpower.

We went hands-on with the Gunner class last week, accompanied by TERA Producer Patrick "Treeshark" Sun.

The Gunner class is gender-locked to female only, with the High Elf and Castanic races able to choose it at creation. While the class wears heavy armor, Gunners aren't really suited for tanking, so it is best to engage their multitude of abilities from a ranged distance. Choose from one of two bots, either for heals (plus a nifty teleport trick that may save your hide if employed well) or to setup a stationary turret to attack nearby foes.

While playing a Gunner, there's several basic MP abilities to choose from, such as Arcane Barrage, Scattershot and Blast. Replenishment will recharge some MP and Willpower, and in turn that Willpower can be used to execute one of three stronger attacks, such as Burst Fire (which is a lot of fun and can be used rapidly until WP runs out).

Willpower felt like it was easy to regenerate if you keep yourself engaged in combat. Being able to unleash those stronger abilities was a lot of fun, and if you gain the ire of your opponent, you can perform a Rolling Reload to get briefly out of harm's way. We took on both regular mobs and BAMs; the action was constant while roaming the landscape with our enormous guns.

The new class is a lot of fun and will be one that both new and returning players can enjoy. In addition, all players who login on May 5th will get a free EX-TRM mechanical spider mount (pictured below). We got to run around on one during the hands-on, and it is pretty slick, a bit reminiscent of the mechanical spiders created by the Dwemer in the Elder Scrolls series.

Dive into TERA for free today (or wait for next week's Steam release) and get ready for the May 5th Gunner class launch!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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