Gamescom Recap: August 5, 2015

Gamescom Day 1 has come to a close, with reveals from Electronic Arts, Square Enix, and Ubisoft making the headlines. We've gathered the latest screenshots and videos from several games for you to enjoy: Destiny, Dream, The Crew, AER, Mega Man, Mafia III, Unravel, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, StarCraft II, Final Fantasy XV, and Project Daedalus - The Long Journey Home.

E3 2015 Recap - Ubisoft

Welcome back to today's E3 coverage here on ZAM!

Today's third media briefing (3 of 4) was from Ubisoft. We've got the details you're looking for, so let's dive in!

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The Crew: Delayed Until December

Ever since we played in the Beta, we've been eagerly awaiting The Crew from Ubisoft and Ivory Tower. Launch should've been five weeks from now. Instead, we're two months away– a small three-week push to December 2nd. What happened?

Well, Ubisoft & co. want to play it safe by polishing the game based on Beta feedback:

Forza Horizon 2: Out Now!

It's a scary, exciting day for Turn 10 Studios: today is the launch of Forza Horizon 2. It's pulling in solid scores, confidently resting at 86 with a few 100s – similar reception to its predecessor. Only a handful of racing games are available on Xbox One, so it's looking like a great pick-up.

So what's the game all about?

Film Friday: Five New Trailers

Welcome back to another Film Friday! This week is a little shorter than most, the calm following the rush of Gamescom and SOE Live. We've got five trailers totaling ~15 minutes, so let's get right to it!

The Crew: A Closed Beta Hands-On Story

This week, The Crew went into a short 5-day Closed Beta: started Monday, ending Friday. We've had a chance to run through The Crew coast-to-coast, and want to give you an idea what to expect with the full game on November 11th.

The Crew: Closed Beta Begins

When we last saw The Crew, it was in a cinematic trailer at E3. The game was looking good, but did it play well? Ivory Tower and Ubisoft sets it straight in their Closed Beta Walkthrough. They cover Story Missions, Challenges, PvP, Dealers, Tuners, Free Roam and a handful of other elements.

E3 2014 - Ubisoft Full Trailer Wrap-Up

Want to make sure you didn't miss a thing from E3?
This trailer recap, with release date and details, has you covered!
You can also check out our live coverage as it happened. 


Ubisoft Media Briefing - Full Rebroadcast [1h01m]

E3 2014 - Ubisoft Media Briefing (Live Updates!)

Welcome to E3 coverage here on ZAM!

Today’s third media briefing (3 of 4) is from Ubisoft for 1 hour. We’ll be covering every detail, constantly keeping this page up-to-date. Keep a close eye and keep refreshing!

When: 6:00PM-7:00PM Eastern / 3:00PM-4:00PM Pacific — Watch on!
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