E3 2014 - Ubisoft Media Briefing (Live Updates!)

(6:00PM ET) E3 2014 forges ahead with Ubisoft, today's third big showcase!

Welcome to E3 coverage here on ZAM!

Today’s third media briefing (3 of 4) is from Ubisoft for 1 hour. We’ll be covering every detail, constantly keeping this page up-to-date. Keep a close eye and keep refreshing!

When: 6:00PM-7:00PM Eastern / 3:00PM-4:00PM Pacific — Watch on Twitch.tv!
All Events: Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, Playstation, Nintendo

 Times below are in Eastern Time.

5:57 - Nothing yet! 

6:01 - A smoking monkey. Is this Far Cry 4? But of course! Looks like the intro sequence of the final game. Guards check the bus. Chaos ensues. The light-haired antagonist goes into a long dialogue with a guard, and seems to know the player. The dynamic is interesting.
6:06 - Developer takes the stage and briefly chats about the trailer.

6:07 - Aisha Tyler walks onto the stage, a frequent host of Ubisoft's Media Briefings. Much more swearing in this briefing! Example: "hella f**kin' smoky"

6:09 - Just Dance 2015 pops up! Aisha Tyler cracks a joke about Pharrell's Happy, which promptly blares 10 seconds later. Just Dance 2015 looks polished with neat graphics. Shows off a mode where other people rate your dancing – I can already hear the comments.

6:11 - Jason Altman shows a Just Dance 2015 mobile app; says it's a "breakthrough in latency free multi-device online gaming." Says unlimited number of people can join the game at one time. Dozens of professional dancers take the stage. Uses the phone like a controller, meaning lots of constant phone-waving. Hope you've got a good warranty!


6:16 - Tom Clancy's The Division is on the screen! Looks like they're discussing the lore behind the game. The trailer is super depressing. Like, really depressing. Very well-done, though, the stop-motion style works tremendously. Major props to the devs. This trailer is unskippable. Wow.

6:21 - Engines revving. Out comes The Crew! Trailer is a timelapse of players driving across the U.S. in an expansive open-world. Slow music plays, landmarks pass by. Even though it's captured gameplay, it feels oddly cinematic. "Where will your crew go?"
6:24 - A developer Julian Gerighty talks to Aisha Tyler on-stage. Mentions they've been involving the community during development. Closed Beta starts July 23rd, and you can register now. RELEASE DATE: November 11th, coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

6:28 - French flag on a guillotine? Assassin's Creed: Unity is up! Church bells echo, and a bird flies across the sky – standard Assassin's Creed fare! As expected, game looks pretty. One assassin walks through smoke, and three more follow...a very clear nod to Unity's multiplayer aspect. No gameplay, but a very solid cinematic. More shots of multiple assassins. The subtitle Unity makes much more sense.
6:32 - Alex Amancio shows off the various tools at Arno's disposal. Suddenly, a cinematic plays and covers the basics of the game's setting of 18th century France. It's an introduction to a gameplay demo. The player quickly descends from a building, filters through a chaotic crowd. After finding some guards, he engages in some fairly fluid swordfighting. You can tell they've put considerable effort into making the world feel alive and natural. Note: The UI is nice and clean. Overall, a polished entry to the Assassin's Creed series.


6:40 - Shape Up, a fitness game? Go figure! "Stay fit. Stay fun." A developer competes against a previous version of himself in some kind of rhythm game dance-thing. A bit awkward to watch, but...actually seems acceptably fun to play! Intriguing!
6:46 - Time for some fitness dueling! Two devs have a push-up fight on-stage. Player tracking seems pretty good. The game really does have a fun style to it.


6:48 - Valiant Hearts: The Great War is now up, a stylish World War I game featuring unexpectedly-deep characters and their everpresent dog. The trailer is quite sentimental.

6:52 - Yves Guillemot, Co-Founder and CEO of Ubisoft, comes out to introduce the final game of the event.


6:53 - Super mysterious multiplayer game. Rainbow Six: Patriots? Nope! It's Rainbow Six: Siege. It looks awesome. Destructible environment, great style. Very desctructible environment, it works beautifully. The trailer is a very good watch. Does this mean Patriots is cancelled? Even if it is, Siege makes up for it. Watch for yourself!


And that's the briefing! Thanks again for joining us, folks!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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