RIFT 3.3: Waking Nightmares Plus Free Patron Time

RIFT 3.3 is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, July 15th, and is the first chapter in the game's new Nightmare Saga updates. Features include a new saga quest, Planar Crafting, new Instant Adventure in Tarken Glacier, as well as a more accessible variant of the Gilded Prophecy raid.

Trove: 1.0 Launch Patch Today


Trove officially launches today with the release of the game’s 1.0 patch! Trove is an action adventure MMO set in a world of voxels, the building blocks of the world that players can build and destroy in a way popularized by Minecraft. While voxels build up the world, they aren’t everything that is Trove as the game puts an MMO spin on the system.

RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness is Live

RIFT last week launched update 3.2: Echoes of Madness, re-introducing a rebuilt Hammerknell Fortress 20-man raid zone. Boasting re-tuned and reimagined incarnations of the raid’s legendary foes, players will face off against the maniacal Akylios in the haunting halls of the dwarves.

Secrets of Ayanad: ArcheAge Post-PAX Interview

Secrets of Ayanad—the name given to the final 1.2 Korean version of ArcheAge—was launched by Trion Worlds this past Tuesday. We spoke to the newest and very passionate producer on the team, Merv Lee Kwai, about the update what it brings to the players.

"You know, I think it was our best launch to-date for ArcheAge! It was smooth, servers have been stable the entire time and we're really proud of the content we pushed out." Merv explained that one reason the team thinks that the update was such a success is thanks to two weeks of live player data collected on the test realm.

Secrets of Ayanad increased the level cap by five, so players can now go from 50 to 55 on all ten possible classes. There are five new skill points (one for each new level) available—raising the cap to 28—giving better flexibility in your class builds, and each class gets a new skill at 55.

Diamond Shores is the new zone introduced in this update, found to the northwest on the continent of Auroria and is part of the war cycle. The zone has a new housing area, "about 200 houses, only on the west coast."

ArcheAge Producer's Letter: Plans for 2015

ArcheAge fully launched in North America last year with its fair share of triumphs and problems. Merv Lee Kwai, a newer producer on the team, took to the forums last week to give a rundown on what players can expect this year.

Defiance's Aftermath Update is Now Live

The free Aftermath update launched yesterday for Defiance, focusing on the events that follow the events of Season 2 on the SyFy TV show.

Welcome, ark hunters, to The Aftermath – a game update packed with new enemies, Pursuits, Contracts, and missions that pick up where Season 2 left off. As massive Grid Inquisitors and Votanis Assassins threaten life on the New Frontier, the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light prepare to throw the entire world into chaos.

Trove Introduces the Candy Barbarian

Sate Your Sweet Tooth in Trove!

The latest class has been unwrapped in Trove: the Candy Barbarian! Available for either 1050 Credits, 5000 Cubits, or in the Voxstar Starter Pack, the Candy Barbarian is a powerful melee combatant whose sugar-inspired rage fuels a wide variety of special attacks! Wielding twin swords (or axes... or spatulas), their blows leave a trail of supercharged sweets to aid their adventuring companions.

ArcheAge: Hallowtide Event

ArcheAge players can enjoy their first in-game event: Hallowtide! Running through Tuesday, November 4th, the festival features decorated towns, a daily quest and cosmetic items.

Play Trove For Free This Weekend

Check out Trove for free this weekend! Starting at 11am PT today and running through 11am PT on Monday, October 27, you can download the voxel sandbox MMO on the Glyph client. If you're taking part in Extra Life tomorrow you can also band with Team Trion and add the game to your play schedule!

Trion Worlds: News on RIFT and ArcheAge

Trion Worlds is dutifully hard at work on all its various projects. What are they up to lately?

First up is a short Producer Letter from Bill Fisher, Execute Producer on RIFT. The upcoming Nightmare Tide expansion was meant to launch this Wednesday. Instead, they've extended the beta and delayed the launch: