Trion Worlds: News on RIFT and ArcheAge

Open Beta of RIFT expansion extended, launch delayed; ArcheAge reports numbers.

Trion Worlds is dutifully hard at work on all its various projects. What are they up to lately?

First up is a short Producer Letter from Bill Fisher, Execute Producer on RIFT. The upcoming Nightmare Tide expansion was meant to launch this Wednesday. Instead, they've extended the beta and delayed the launch:

"...we've decided to extend Open Beta for an additional two weeks, which means the launch date for Nightmare Tide will be pushed back to Oct. 22."

It's worded to sound like "because we're extending the Beta, that's why the delay." It's seems more along the lines of "we need to delay, so we're extending the Beta in the hopes you won't be too annoyed." Upside? The community reaction seems positive, appreciative that the final product will get a bit more polish.

And now, a recently-launched project: ArcheAge. They take to the stage to announce numbers:

"ArcheAge recently hit a very important milestone: there are officially now over two million of you registered with the game!"

"...with the addition of the new EU servers a week ago, (we brought) the total to 21 live servers,..."

"...we've booted out over six figures (100,000+) worth of bad actors from the game..."

There's also the highly-anticipated region of Auroria, which they aim to open up in "a handful of weeks." They also go on to tease at upcoming holiday events in the coming year. It's October, so you know what's next!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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