Warrior Epic Battlegrounds Event Begins Today

From today until Saturday, Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds will be hosting a contest and giving away daily prizes. All you have to do is log in during the event and you'll be entered into the random give away. Prizes range from gold, double experience badges, signed posters and t-shirts.

From the Warrior Epic Forums:

Day 1, Wednesday, April 21st: White and Black Pfifys! They are immortal, they heal you, and they look awesome! What more can you ask for?

Day 2, Thursday, April 22nd: 250 Gold! Spend it anyway you want including potions, character customization, and war hall improvements!
Day 3, Friday, April 23rd: Double EXP and Revive Badges, Live your life to the fullest! Even better, live it again, and again, and again.
Day 4, Saturday, April 24th: Get a signed concept art poster and an exclusive Warrior Epic T-Shirt. Yes, you'll look cool.

Good luck and adventuring to all Warriors!

Event Details Update:

5 winners will receive 2 White Pfifys and 2 Dark Pfifys.
10 winners will receive 250 gold.
10 winners will receive 1 Revive Badge and 2 Double EXP potions.
5 winners will receive a signed concept art poster and an exclusive Warrior Epic T-Shirt

Warrior Epic is a free-to-play MMORPG that lets players create a hall of multiple chraracters. When a character dies, its spirit can be used to strengthen and improve a different character in the hall. Sound interesting? Check out more here.



Warrior Epic Launcher Update Required to Play

Warrior Epic players must download the new launcher in order to continue playing. The new launcher requires that all users completely uninstall every Warrior Epic component from their computers or they'll receive a "VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED" error when they try to play.

True Games Launches New Warrior Epic Site, Patch

The new and improved ZAM.com launched yesterday, and it looks like we weren't the only site that decided to implement a design upgrade. True Games Interactive just launched a flashy new site for Warrior Epic, and you can read what fans of the free-to-play action game are saying in this thread on the official forums.

The new Warrior Epic site was launched in conjunction with the release of version 4.004. According to the patch notes, "the latest build brings an exciting new hero to the Ruins of Aberas! His name is Captain Rion, and his mission is to help warriors defeat the evil Megafauna!" You can read the rest of the patch notes after the jump.

Warrior Epic In-Game Pet Offered on Facebook

True Games Interactive has a bunch of Warrior Epic promotions going on this month. In an attempt to draw some attention to the game's Facebook page, the company will give every fan a special in-game pet if the page reaches 5,000 fans by Feb. 28. The page currently has 2,107 fans, so there's still a long way to go if players are going to get a pfify pet to call their own.

In addition, True Games is offering 10% off gold packs through Feb. 10. Just enter "MEGA10" at checkout to receive the discount. The code is named after the new Megafauna in-game boss, which just so happens to be the topic of this month's comic content. Players have until Feb. 25 to submit a comic that features the new monster.

Double Exp Potions are 50% Off Through Jan. 4

True Games Interactive is celebrating the New Year in Warrior Epic through an in-game sale. You can currently buy double experience potions for 50% off, so ring in 2010 by gaining some levels!

The promotion ends on Jan. 4, so be sure to take advantage of the offer while it lasts.

True Games Hands Out Prizes in Warrior Epic

True Games Interactive is celebrating the end of the year with a bang by giving out prizes to Warrior Epic players today. Members of the TGI team will be approaching players in-game and joining in their groups until midnight CST.

While completing quests with TGI team members seems like fun, they'll also be giving out prizes to all party members that range from potions to iPods. If you're a Warrior Epic player, try to log in today for a chance at some prizes and an interesting party experience.

True Games Launches First Warrior Epic Expansion

True Games announced today that Battlegrounds, Warrior Epic's first expansion, is now live. The expansion includes new PvP gameplay in the form of four objective-based maps, a new HUB city, the Trogken Swamps region and dozens of new PvP items.

The release of the expansion follows the recent launch of Warrior Epic Sagas application for iPhone and Facebook. More details on Battlegrounds can be found after the jump.

Warrior Epic Sagas Launches for Facebook, iPhone

As we reported, True Games Interactive announced during its first video podcast last month that Warrior Epic Facebook and iPhone applications were in the works. Well, the company announced today that Warrior Epic Sagas is now available on both platforms.

According to a press release, miissions in Warrior Epic Sagas can take anywhere from a few minutes to a full hour to complete. You can read the full announcement after the jump.

Open Beta for Warrior Epic Expansion Starts Today

In case you missed it, True Games Interactive posted its first video podcast on YouTube over the weekend to give players some details on Warrior Epic's first expansion. It looks like the team timed that out pretty well; True Games just announced that the open beta for Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds kicks off today, Nov. 11. The expansion is scheduled to launch in December.

According to the announcement, "the expansion includes brand new PVP gameplay, an all-new HUB City, a New Region (Trogken Swamps), dozens of new items and much more." You can read more details about Battlegrounds in the press release after the jump.

Video Podcast Focuses on Warrior Epic Expansion

True Games Interactive has posted its first video podcast on YouTube, and it contains details on Warrior Epic's first expansion. Associate Producer Keren Kang said that Battlegrounds will introduce PvP and emotes to the game. Kang also said a free Facebook and iPhone app for Warrior Epic is on the works.

Dustin Mesa also popped in for a moment to say that the closed beta test for Mytheon is coming up soon. You can sign up to participate in the beta on the game's Web site. Mytheon is a free-to-play action RPG set in a mythological world.