True Games Launches New Warrior Epic Site, Patch

The new and improved launched yesterday, and it looks like we weren't the only site that decided to implement a design upgrade. True Games Interactive just launched a flashy new site for Warrior Epic, and you can read what fans of the free-to-play action game are saying in this thread on the official forums.

The new Warrior Epic site was launched in conjunction with the release of version 4.004. According to the patch notes, "the latest build brings an exciting new hero to the Ruins of Aberas! His name is Captain Rion, and his mission is to help warriors defeat the evil Megafauna!" You can read the rest of the patch notes after the jump.

New Monster:

The latest build brings an exciting new hero to the Ruins of Aberas! His name is Captain Rion, and his mission is to help warriors defeat the evil Megafauna!

New Customization:

Character Skills:

We have added or modified many of the character skills to improve gameplay and balance. Details include:

· Modification of the descriptions for the Assassin skill “Caltrope” & “Barbed Razor”.

· The Illusionist skill “Greater Weaken” now reduces the base damage to enemies.

· Increased Devotress skill “Shield of Purity” cool down duration from 120 seconds to 180 seconds.

· We Modified the effect marker for the Archer skill “Trained Ranger”.

· We Modified the Pangolan skill “Ice Totem” fallen snow effect.


We have also made improvements to the monsters in-game. Details include:

· Added a new skill called “Holy Aura” for the new ally “Captain Rion”

· Added thunder animation effect to long-range attack for the “Chosen Scientist”.

· Updated running animations for the Terror Hound and Big Terror Hound.

· Updating running animation for The Grod.

· Updated animations for the Monster Tiger and Super Monkey King.

· Adjusted the range to the Megafauna skill “Storm”.


· Red City Underground Room Central Pylon has been updated with animation and art modifications.

· Minor updates have been made to the existing Swamp Inner bog doorslide and the #D lobby flag.


· The “Dread Naught” had to be removed from the loot system in the region “Trogken Swamp”. .

Particle Effect Updates:

Many particle effects have been improved in this build. Including:

· The Devotress skill now has a damage convert particle effect.

· The Devotress skill “Whip of Flames” for level 1-3 has been polished.

· The Pangolean skill “Whirlwind Push” Level 2 has also been polished.

· We added a very cool attack particle effect for Captain Rion.

User Interface:

· We added new battle icons for Captain Rion and the Rock Spider.

· We added new icons for the Providence Soldier.

Bug Fixes:

Numerous bug fixes have been made in the latest build to improve game play for the user. Including:

· Fixed the input field to highlight when a room is selected even when locked.

· Corrected a skill description text error for “Poison Dart” and “Improved Poison Dart”.

· Corrected a spelling error for the word “Dealt” in the mission summary.

· The Illusionist Spellbinder skill “Unholy Covenant” text was corrected.

· The Warrior’s status text message was overlapping, this was corrected.

· The Pit Fighter’s “Fist of Volt’s” had incorrect text parameters, this was corrected.

· We fixed a UI functionality where the tablet would occupy a potion slot.

· The Assassin description has been corrected to address any confusion.

· Vanity Items are now reflecting the correct color to be purchased, blue prestige coins.

· We fixed a bug where gold was being displayed as blue(prestige).

· We fixed the missing slow effect of “Barbed Razor”.

· We fixed in Enemy Mine where now the 1st Objective will now be given.

· We fixed Lab 7 were opening the gate will now complete the objective.

· The hair items for Pit Fighter “Rough Edges” and “Untamed Warrior” now show a scalp.

· The “All Equipment” will no longer overlap the names of the equipment when changing name or category view.

· New account “Barracks” and “Sanctuary” default room count will now reflect 0 out of 16 rooms.

· There was a structure graphic bug in the “Ruins of Aberas” Battle Arena, this has been fixed.

· In the “Ruins of Aberas” Temple of Divinity, we corrected the Legendary Warrior message.

· In the “Trogken Swamps” Seeking Artemis Grave, there was an issue with quest title and the question mark, this has been fixed.

· There was a bug where the health bar didn’t show above the Junglepeede’s the “Ruins of Aberas” Ruins of Infestation III, this has been fixed.

· There was a bug where the scavenger web attack would permanently immobilize the player the “Ruins of Aberas” Temple of Twilight, this has been fixed.

· The shoulder piece of armor is now visible in the war room for the Assassin.


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