Skyforge Gift Pack Giveaway

All codes have been claimed!

We've teamed up with the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment to give away an exclusive gift pack for Skyforge. Grab yours while they last – here's how!

Supernova Closed Beta Key Giveaway

The Supernova Closed Beta is now in full swing, and we have your key to just in and help test the game! Here's how:

Supernova Alpha Key Giveaway

Supernova's Alpha testing phases are rolling in faster, and we have your key to get into the next! Here's how:

Path of Exile: The Awakening Beta Key Giveaway

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Path of Exile: The Awakening is in closed beta, and if you're fast enough you can snag a code to get in! Keys are extremely limited in quantity and first come, first serve. Here's how:

Continent of the Ninth Seal XPack Giveaway

Continent of the Ninth Seal released the Lord of Baltic expansion pack this week! To celebrate, we've teamed up with Webzen for an item giveaway. Here's how to get yours:

Age of Wushu: Warrior's Journey Giveaways

Celebrate the launch of Age of Wushu: Warrior's Journey with one of two awesome giveaways! Here are the details:

16 Years of EverQuest: Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone for all the fantastic entries in our 16 Years of EverQuest All Access Giveaway! Over 200 people participated but these 16 emerged winners—congrats!

  1. brair
  2. Brickhaus
  3. Calsonix
  4. despidious
  5. Dorigen
  6. dpguy
  7. fosasha
  8. gilmorej|WH
  9. kononamis
  10. kshipper
  11. LandRuiner
  12. Nniki
  13. Snaer
  14. snailish
  15. ToltecMagistri
  16. Tudati

Skyforge Beta Key Giveaway

All winners have been contacted - check your PMs!

Some codes are having issues. If yours is one of these, please reply to the PM you received ASAP.

The second beta test kicks off today for's Skyforge, and we got a fantastic giveaway for those hoping to get in and help test. 100 lucky winners will get a beta code that grants instant access to CBT2 and beyond—keep reading to find out how!

16 Years of EverQuest: All Access Giveaway

The giveaway has ended!

Winners will be contacted and announced by 11:59pm PT on Thursday, March 26th.

Happy Birthday to EverQuest! We've teamed up with Daybreak Games to give away 30 days worth of All Access membership to 16 lucky people! Continue after the jump for all the details.

Triad Wars Beta Key Giveaway

Beta Key Giveaway

Join in on some open-world adventure and own the criminal underworld with our Triad Wars Closed Beta Key Giveaway! Here's how to receive and redeem yours (while codes last):