E3: Black Gold Details Revealed

I'm here at the video game mecca E3 and I've dashed over to the press room to write down some brief thoughts on the Black Gold Online demo put on by Snail Games.

The fantasy versus steam technology MMO promised different game play styles, including first person Mech and fantasy mount combat. Initially I was concerned that this would add up to just more mount combat, but after seeing the demo I think the game actually has something much more interesting.

Snail Games Strikes Black Gold


Snail Games is a company that feels pretty happy with the way things are going at the moment. Its big foray into the Western MMO market, Age of Wushu, has been popular enough to warrant opening an extra server while collecting mainly favorable reviews.

Today the company announced that it would not be taking too much of a breather after Wushu's launch. In fact, Snail is pressing ahead with its next MMO, Black Gold.