E3: Black Gold Details Revealed

Mechs and expansive PvP show promise for Snail Games at E3

I'm here at the video game mecca E3 and I've dashed over to the press room to write down some brief thoughts on the Black Gold Online demo put on by Snail Games.

The fantasy versus steam technology MMO promised different game play styles, including first person Mech and fantasy mount combat. Initially I was concerned that this would add up to just more mount combat, but after seeing the demo I think the game actually has something much more interesting.

The game will have open world PvP which will include vehicle combat on land and in the air courtesy of either the various creatures on the fantasy side - rather eclectic and cool looking monsters - or Mechs and steam powered air vehicles on the steampunk side.

In the demo, a developer jumped into a mech and immediately switched into a first person view from its cabin, twin guns pointing at the target reticule/hud with bits own array of abilities. This is cool in itself, but what is more exciting is that you can't just jump out and have your Mech disappear, it remains in place, meaning that opposition foes will be able to steal it from you and "chop shop" it for consituent parts if they want.

The world will have territories that have capturable points for guilds to take over and use that resource and territory to build their own emplacements, all of which can be attacked and conquered by enemy players. Though separated by a mountain range, the two factions can climb over the obstacle or travel through a subterranean city to encroach and take over enemy territory.

Combat uses an action style with no aiming reticule, but lots of skill shots and all telegraphing of abilities, all done through character animaitons and spell efects except for some AOE abilities. A slightly different slant on AOE attacks is that the falling fireballs, or whatever you rain down on your foes, are still treated individually within the area, meaning you might be able to dodge the individual damage even while within the area of AOE.

Arrmor designs and appearances also vary, both for your characters individually and across faction, with the one fantasy example carring a hefty broadword while bedecked in valkyrie-oriented, gleaming plate that was undeniably cool. On the other side, the gun toting steam devotee was covered in cogs and gadgets that will make steampunk fans feel very content when running around in their best threads.

Keep an eye, actually, make that two, on ZAM for more Black Gold news and plenty of E3 coverage right from the showfloor.

Scott Hawkes, Editor in Chief

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