Greenlight Special: Izle and Monochroma

Hello once again, intrepid internet explorers. In my quest this week, I wanted to shake things up a bit and “go for the funny” which is something I pathetically chase in my day-to-day life. However, I found my initial search parameters of “funny” to lead me to some disturbing, albeit amusing games. Twitch chat was horrified, which is a feat unto itself. In any case, I was luckily handed one of the games this week, Izle, in a nice email from my Managing Editor. The other game, Monochroma, I discovered going through the annals of Greenlight history.

Greenlight Special: A.N.N.E. and Black Ice

This week for the Greenlight Special, I revisit PAX East (I know, all the way back in March) and some of the indie devs we visited while there. There wasn’t nearly enough time to delve into the IndieMega Booth, so I feel it only right to go back over the video notes we did grab. You know, for science reasons. That applies, right?

ZAM at PAX East 2015: Video Coverage Recap

PAX East 2015: Video Recap

Mike B and Lindsay Geektron hit the floor of PAX East last weekend to grab some interviews and footage of the show. They took a look at Alienware's Steam Machine, chatted about XSplit's latest version update, and snagged interviews for Gigantic, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Elite: Dangerous. Finally, they took a stroll through the Indie Megabooth to bring us an amazing megamix of 30 indie games in under 30 minutes.

Greenlight Special: Space Mechanic Joe and Besiege

Hello intrepid gamers. We’re back for another Greenlight Special. This week’s games focus on physics-based builders. I find game physics to be endlessly amusing, and I’m fairly certain many of you out there do as well, if r/GamePhysics is any indicator. I also decided to stream my adventures on Steam, and I was pleasantly surprised by the community’s interest. Onward!

New Adventure Game "Subject 13" Announced

Indie publisher Microïds and noted game designer Paul Cuisset have revealed a new adventure game project, titled Subject 13. While not much is known yet about this mysterious reveal, a brief synopsis was shared by the developers:

E3 2014: Indie Avalanche

IndieCade was out at E3 this year featuring over 30 titles during the show. Here's a compilation of trailer links for many exciting games shown off last week, some of which you can already get your hands on!

New Humble Bundle and Bundle-in-a-Box Available

It's been almost two weeks since Batman: Arkham Origins came out. Some of you might be interested in swinging from rooftop to rooftop as the Dark Knight, but you're holding off for some reason: lack of time, have to save money for Christmas gifts, you need cash to pay for that new console you pre-ordered months ago, etc. In any case, you don't need to spend $50 to get your Batman fix quite yet. On Tuesday, the folks over at Humble Bundle announced their newest way to get games and support charity: the Humble WB Games Bundle.

2013 IndieCade Festival Has 200+ Playable Games

This weekend is the 2013 IndieCade Festival, a gaming celebration with over 200 games to explore. Several companies will have an exhibit, including Sony, Nintendo, Ouya and Oculus VR.