Dungeon Runners Patches Chunk #2

Dungeon Runners has introduced build 99, also known as Chunk #2!  Here are just some of the patch notes.

In-game Advertising
We’ve added in-game advertising to this build of Dungeon Runners. These ads are only visible to free players and they add a whole host of new functionality for our non-paying guests:

Bank Space
Free players now have one bank page available to them. Paying members now have three bank pages.

Stacking Potions
Minor mana and health potions now stack to 5, giving free players more room to hold loot. Major potions now stack to 10, making them twice as good as the free player potions!

Improved Loot Access
Free players may now use what was previously members-only loot. Of course, there has to be a catch… or else why would members be members? This is how it works: 75% of yellow items that drop may be used by free players and 25% of purple or rainbow items that drop may be used by free players. You’ll know if an item can be used because it won’t have “Requires Membership” in the tooltip. All items received from King’s Coin vendors are usable by free players – but are, of course, soulbound on delivery.

Lots more where that came from, so if you haven't tried this free game, give it a go!


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