WoKF Bosses

We got this release from the folks at World of Kung Fu!

No MMORPG is complete without tough Boss characters to pit one's skills against, and the World of Kung Fu is no exception!

In the World of Kung Fu, the bosses are brought to life straight out of ancient Chinese Mythology.  From rogue bandits to Kung Fu legends; from supernatural beings to dragons; plus many other creatures so fantastic you’ll have to see them for yourself, WoKF offers a wide variety of epic bosses, the likes of which have not been seen in any games to date. The battles are difficult, but the rewards are great.  Is your Kung Fu strong enough to defeat the most powerful creatures in the land?

You must be eager to try! Just come in to the game and visit the Bosses in their respective domains. Remember, the World of Kung Fu is free to play!  Who knows what precious items you may get from defeating them and what honor you may earn!

Screen shots for some of the bosses are available on their site!


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