Zu Online: How to Cultivate A Pet

Ready for your first pet in Zu Online? Here's a handy guide to your first creature. 

1. Pet's growth

Pets need to eat to develop properly. When a pet's experience reaches a certain point, it will be able to level up. A pet can be mounted once it reaches level 40.

2. Pet's equipment

To be a strong pet, it should have good equipment to raise its attributes. As the pet's attributes are raised, its owner's attributes are also raised. Each pet has four equipment slots.

3. Pet's main attributes:

1) Aptitude: this determines the upper limit of the pet's attack power bonus, physical defense bonus, magic defense bonus, etc. As aptitude increases, the pet will become stronger.

2) Potential: Feeding a pet equippable items increases its potential. When its potential reaches a certain amount, it will learn a new spell.

3) Savvy: A pet's Savvy determines how many spells the pet can learn. Each pet can learn 8 spells at most. A pet's Savvy can be raised by eating Savvy Seeds which can be obtained through quests or purchased from the item mall.

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