Zu Online Balances All Five Clans For PvP

Looks like PvP balancing has struck again as all 5 'clans' in Zu Online will be modified in a way to make them 'more equal in PvP (and more fun).' Sun Warriors will see their Enslave spells become uninterruptible as well as reduced duration and cooldown periods for Heavenshot and Heaven Hegemony. Swordmen will see a ranged buff for their ranged attacks and a they will have a higher base health. Bead Fairies will see the biggest buff of all with longer ranged attacks, a shorter cast time on Mighty Force, cooldown reductions on all of their Deity spells, and better bonuses for their pets. The Moonmaiden clan will see an upgrade to their deadly trap damage, and the Summoner clan will see Pure Malevolence reduce the casting time of more spells, and their debuff effects will be increased.

Check out the Zu Online page for full information!

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