Exclusive EQ2 Ethernauts Loot Cards

Our friends at Sony Online Entertainment have given us the opportunity to share some of the in-game loot cards that will be released with the new card set, Ethernauts . Available on October 9th, this deck introduces a new storyline about a group of sturdy adventurers that banded together thousands of years ago to save Norrath from certain doom. With a new story, comes new goodies; check them out -- only here at Allakhazam.


Asharae's Cloak

Magical cloak with featherfall and when activated the caster's spells deal 5% more damage for 12 seconds.




Bot Made Iced Cream Cart

Summons the Good Gear Man Ice Cream Cart to dispense treats for all the good girls and boys... and whatever.




Pauldron of the Odyssey

Left Armed Pauldrons - Can be activated to swap into Right Armor Pauldrons.





Tempest in a Teacup

Oversized Teacup. With a storm in it. Crazy! Rent status reduction on 300.





Unstable Void Tunnel

A 10 Charge Void Portal that when activated teleports caster and caster's group within the zone. 30 minute reuse.


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