Dragonbrood Expansion Delayed Until Oct. 14

The 11th Legends of Norrath set will include new loot cards for EQ and EQII players.

UPDATE: Sony Online Entertainment just announced that the Dragonbrood set has been pushed back until Oct. 14. The "Haunted Mansion" scenario will also be released that day.

Today is a big day for EverQuest fans. It marks the launch of House of Thule, the 17th EQ expansion, and the release of the Arcanum Revealed update in EverQuest II. As if that wasn't enough, the newest Legends of Norrath set also goes live today! Dragonbrood - The Anarchs is the 11th release for the online trading card game and features more than 200 new cards to add to your collection.

The loot cards from the set include wolf mounts in EQII, items to decorate your new houses in EQ, and more. For more details on the Dragonbrood, check out the recent preview by by Game Designer Evan "Heimlich"Lorentz.


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