Update Notes and Server Merge Announced

Version 1.8.01 of Zu Online will be released this month, and the development team has revealed some of the update notes in anticipation.

The update will bump the level cap up to 259 and add the zones Wei-Yang Palace and Frozen Sea. Boundary Hill will also be added as a new instanced zone. A wealth of gameplay changes and bug fixes will be included, as well.

The update notes can be found here or below.

Also, the Holy&Desert and Ghost servers will merge into one called Hexad on Sunday night. More information can be found here.

New features and modifications:

New level cap--259.
New zone--Wei-Yang Palace.
New zone-- Frozen Sea.
New instanced zone - Boundary Hill.
Star level indicators have been added to equipment to show its quality.
Pet combination system has been added.
Salary system has been added.
New fashion - Female Sun Warrior.
New fashion - Female Summoner.
01  Pet caskets have been added.
02  The rules about the ranking in opening caskets have been modified.
03  The limitations in drawing rewards for good Honor ranking and casket opening ranking have been modified.
04  The Sinuous Maze has been modified and level 20 players now can try exploring the Sinuous Maze.
05  Pet spells now have a percentage indicator to show how much Potential it needs to level up.
06  Equipable items now have a color indicator to show their quality.
07  Players now initiate a system prompt when gaining item(s).
08  Pet spell exp boluses have been added.
09  Players cannot join PvP combats any more in Blue Mountain or Ghost Canyon.
10  The effects of Bead Fairies' formations have been modified (The effects now depend on the attributes of the Bead Fairy's equipment).
11  Drop rate of medicine has been modified.
12  The numerical value of experience gained from training spirit has been modified.
13  The Commercial Travel de-buff now only reduces the player's movement by 20%. 
14  The mouse wheel cannot be used to move character again.
15  All the monsters in the Righteous Pagoda may drop something now.
16  Players may now gain Spars after disenchanting something.
17  The description of some titles have been modified.
18  The monsters in the Righteous Pagoda can now drop Attacking Spars and Defensive Spars
19  Level limitation of grouping has been removed.
20  Level 240-260 instance monsters have been added.
21  The Masters and their Apprentices can now team up without level limitation.
22  Fashions can now be attached extra attributes.
23  Beginner's guide is now more detailed.
24  Special effect settings have been added.
25  High level Round Quests have been added.
26  Level 90 Plume Roc's Viscera has been added.
27  Golden Strikers that are usable in every zones are added.
28  The items available at the Pet Master's are changed.
29  Commercial Travel gameplay has been changed.
30  NPC guards are now much tougher.
31  The numerical value regarding Honor has been changed.
32  The Item Mall interface has been changed.
33  The rewards for Companionship Points are changed.
34  The rewards of Round Quests are changed.
35  The rewards of Massacre Quests are changed.
36  Monster Aggro Radius has been modified.
37  Protective areas and system prompts regarding protective areas are changed (Hexad Region, Sky Lake)
38  The quests regarding hostile factions are changed.
39  The backpack has been modified.
40  Players can still walk their pet when the pet Intimacy is 0.
41  System prompts regarding pet spells have been modified.
42  Items regarding Boundary Hill have been added.
43  New item--Pet Aptitude Grass (Pet combination item).
44  New item--Pet Combination Bolus (Pet combination item)
45  Vendor value of common equipment has been modified.
46  The numerical value of experience dropped by common monsters has been modified.
47  he level limitation of the quests regarding bosses has been modified.
48  he requirements for completing low level "Make Friends" quests have been modified.
49 Fashion's stats color has been modified.
50 New items: Bolus to Origin and Greater Bolus to Origin
51 New items: Universe Sack and Compound Chest
52 The level limitation of Massacre quests has been modified.
53 Commercial Travel items now respawn in 1 minute.
54 Trinkets details have been modified.
55 Treasure cheats and caskets have been modified.
56 Small Immortal Elixirs can now be stacked up to 99.

Bug Fixes:   

01  Chatting settings can now be saved after logging out of the game.
03  Players cannot open caskets while in flight again.
04  When the harmful effects on a player are frozen, the player out of range cannot see the harmful effects again when getting close.
05  The system prompt of deducting Silver instead of Bones when performing refining successfully can now be displayed correctly.
06  The bug that a player becomes other guild’s Guild Lord after creating a guild because he received a guild invite when inputting the guild name while creating a guild has been fixed.
07  The player character who is killed during a Commercial Travel now has a correct drop rate of the Commercial Travel items.
08  The players in a Commercial Travel cannot pick the Commercial Travel item at the same time again.
09  The bug that Summoners can use their minion to fight by taking advantage of the invulnerable status during Question and Answer event has been fixed.
10  The players' turntable can now be closed when they are attacked.
11  The item link in the upper chat window can now work properly.
12  Players can now select the item in the Item Mall automatically after purchasing it.
13  The bug that the locked trade status is removed when clicking on the target's Silver trade icon after locking the trade has been fixed.
14  The players who say something in "Say" and "Yell" channel now have a faction indicator.
15  Send a trade invite when it is out of range now initiates a system prompt.
16  Sun Warrior and Summoner's Q Head can now be displayed correctly when changing equipment.
17  The interval display error of some spells has been fixed.
18  The W, A, S, D buttons of the camera (F9) can now work when the character is running automatically.
20  The display error of faction info and guild info in the Search interface which occurs when refreshing info has been fixed.
21  The Refining interface can now be displayed properly when deformed.
22  The character that is in flight by mounting a flying pet cannot use auto-fly again.
23  When a player casts a non targetable beneficial trinket spell when targeting someone, the target cannot show the spell effect again.
24  Players now need a confirmation to buy something from an NPC vendor.
25  The warehouse window can now be closed automatically when the player moves after pressing V to rest.
26  Players can not target monsters' corpse again by pressing Q.
27  The skill books of the same name now do not need to cool down when one of them is used.
29  The emoticons and letters in a message can now align.
30  Graphic bugs of Trueflame Furnace have been fixed.
31  Graphic bugs of Sinuous Maze have been fixed.
32  Graphic bugs of Holy City have been fixed.
34  The issue regarding invalid target has been fixed.
35  Players can now print a 1440X960 screenshot normally by pressing F9.
36  Beginners can now try exploring the Sinuous Maze normally after server is restarted.
37  Players in the Sinuous Maze will be teleported to Holy City after the event and after using Hearth spell.
38  Players can now claim the rewards for Sinuous Maze event correctly when there not enough free backpack slots.
40  The details of some items in the Item Mall have been modified.
43  Players cannot manipulate the same Lead Pillar at the same time again.
44  The error of experience increase caused by a title has been fixed.
46  Xun players can now use Hearth spell to return to Xun. Holy City when trying exploring the Sinuous Maze.
47  The items in the pet bag can now be traded normally when the player has no Silver.
48  The item whose rank is upgraded through refining can now be equipped.
49  The details regarding Companionship Points exchange in the Newbie Guide have been corrected.
52  The Righteous Pagoda Plates available in the Item Mall can now exist for 3 days after they are purchased.
55  The extra effects caused by shapeshifting spell can now work normally after the player goes to another zone.
60  The effect of Garrote damage increased by spending talent points can now work.
65  Casket opening ranking won't be refreshed on Sunday again.
66  Pet's Store Up ability can now be leveled up to 9 from 8 noamally.
69  Pet spells can now be leveled up to 9 normally.
73  Garrote effect increase can now work normally.
74  Players can now withdraw experience gained from spirit training when the amount of experience to withdraw exceeds the experience gained.
75  The password error which blocks guild leadership demise has been fixed.
76  Jingje in the quest "Elder Xunzou 1" can now be tracked automatically.
77  The names of the Lead Pillars in the Azure Sea Valley have been corrected.
78  Sun Warriors' SS. Healing Breath ability can now be cast smoothly.
79  The quest regarding Koogoo can now be inspected normally.
80  The issue regarding minus drop rate has been fixed.
81  Players can now search only one Sui Envoy in Wu. Holy City.
83  The chat record can now record all system prompts.
85  Players can now paste something out of the game to the in game chat bar.
87  The players in the friends list can now be displayed in order according to the amount of Intimacy when clicking on "Fellowship".
88  When the input bar of spirit training recharge interface is cleared, it won't tell not enough balance again when there is not enough balance.
89  When a player teleports themselves with the spirit training interface unfolded, the Rat image in the spirit training interface won't vanish again.
91  When a player in the Righteous Pagoda exits the game and then joins the group again, the group can go on exploring the pagoda based on the finished portion.
92  When a players hits the level cap, the experience won't be displayed as a minus value again.
94  The numerical value errors in character info panel have been fixed.
95  A completed Round Quest now has an indicator to show it is completed.
96  In the preparation stage of a formation, the player's action won't be interrupted again when manipulating something.
97  The trade interface can now be closed automatically when the player uses auto-fly with the trade interface unfolded.
98  Players will always face the target when fighting.
99  The NPC portrait won't appear in the gourd's chat window again.
100  The system won't prompt it is out of range again when a player sends a trade invite to an invalid target.
101  The spell can now replace the former one when it is placed in an action slot.
103  Icon error won't occur again when the player learns more than 5 spells at one time.
104  The third party will not view a wrong model again when a player changes the equipped pet.
105  Swordsman's weapon can now be displayed in the clan selection interface.
106  When a player revives in place after killed, the attacker does not look like being casting a spell again.
107  When cancelling sending a message in World channel, the message in the input bar won't vanish again.
108  System prompts can now be checked in the chat record panel.
109  The errors regarding spirit training time and experience gained from spirit training have been fixed.
110  Brigands can now vanish before they are killed.
111  Players cannot enter the pool in Holy City again.
112  The player character can not move again by double clicking on the nearby monster when meeting character death.
113  The system won't prompt it is out of range again when a player sends a trade invite to an invalid target.
114  The display error of Sun Warrior's weapons has been fixed.
115   checking beginner's tutorial will work on all the characters in the account.
116   The guild event window will be closed too when the guild interface is closed.
117   The trade interrupted by spell casting won’t work anymore.
118   Sending a message via the World channel now initiates a correct system prompt.
119   When Golden Strikers in the warehouse are stacked, the stack can now exist for a correct period.
120   When unfolding the Commercial Travel shop interface, pressing X won't initiate a system prompt again.
121   Far-sight Spirits can now work properly.
122   The 10-round Quest which asks to slay 10 Fiery Gunners can now indicate the completion when it is completed.
123   The 10-round Quest which asks to slay 10 Animate Blades can now indicate the completion when it is completed.
124   The 10-round Quest which asks to slay 10 Lyre Envoys can now indicate the completion when it is completed.
125   The 10-round Quest which asks to slay 10 Serpentman can now indicate the completion when it is completed.
126   Spirit Training Boluses can now be stacked up to 20.
127   Pet Aptitude Grasses can now be stacked up to 99.
128   Players cannot join PvP combats again in level 250 Righteous Pagoda.

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