Exteel Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary This Week

Thursday, Dec. 4 marks the one-year anniversary of Exteel, and Clan NCsoft will be battling other clans from 2-4 p.m. CST as part of the celebration. If you'd like to participate, submit your request in the Clan Forum starting Thursday at 9 a.m. CST. It's first-come, first-served, so ask early.

Also, starting tomorrow all XP rewards will get a 50% boost. You have until Dec. 10 to enjoy the extra XP.

Lastly, a content update will be applied tomorrow during maintenance, which begins at 10 a.m. CST. Four new -S grade weapons and four new Ultra skills will be added. The full patch notes can be found here or below.

Here are the patch notes for Wednesday's (12/3) patch notes (version

  • December 4 will mark our one-year anniversary in the US, and to celebrate that, we'll be boosting all XP rewards by 50% for a week (this will last between 12/3 and 12/10) .
  • 4 new -S grade weapons have been added (check out the preview ). The -S grade is a new weapons tier that sits just above the -A grade:

    • Hyperion (Spear)
    • Zephyr Magnum (SMG)
    • Blue Tempest (Rifle)
    • Red Eye (Cannon)
  • 4 new Ultra skills have been added (check out the preview ). The Ultra skills are a new tier of skills and a class above the Superior grade skills:

    • Ultra Dancing Blade
    • Ultra Stormblast
    • Ultra Blast Helix
    • Ultra Devil Slugs
  • Prices for many credit-based weapons (durability) and all credit-based skills have been reduced. For more information on this please see this previous news item.
  • Scrap rates have been adjusted to reflect item price drops and other adjustments have been made. This will probably not be the end of the changes .
  • There have been some slight weapon balance tweaks, especially amongst some SMGs.
  • Scan Range on Mechanaught heads have been reduced by 15-40%. Generally the higher the tier, the greater the reduction.
  • The formula for calculating Durability has been altered slightly so parts will wear out not nearly as fast.
  • We've altered and enhanced many more sound effects.
  • The server and client have gone through another optimization roundup and we've culled a number of loose and diseased packets from the herd.
  • A bug that sometimes reversed Win/Loss results in Last Stand has been tracked down and squashed.
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