Friday Grab Bag

Friday is here and so is this weeks Grab Bag from the Camelot Herald, check out this weeks hot topics below:

Q. I've been trying to find mobs that drop the Broken Dragonsworn Armor and Weapons to no avail. The mobs in classic zones of Midgard seem to have vanished, and after farming the Dragonsworn mobs in Malmohus for an hour without a single drop I am convinced that they no longer drop.  Can you please point me in the right direction?

A. Ahhh Devon! The Lady of the Jewels explains: A few issues cropped up with Devon Cluster due to the unexpected downtime last week and the Dragonsworn and their drop rates were affected in the aftermath. After further examination this week these issues appear to be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q. I've noticed that Mordred’s population is very low even during prime time hours. Are there any plans to revive the Mordred ruleset?

A. The Lady of the Jewels with the mischievous twinkle in her eyes once again says: We do have something in the works for Mordred currently scheduled for 1.97.

Q. My friends and I have been farming the Galladoria primals for the new chest pieces and the last 4 times we killed all the primals they haven't dropped any at all. My question is: Are we simply having exceptionally bad luck or is this a bug? Thanks!

A. After some checking, the Equalizer says it’s not a bug: These chestpieces are still set to drop off of the Corrupt Primals in Olcasgean's encounter. However, the drop rate is nowhere near 100%, and there is a chance that none of the four Primals will drop a chestpiece when they are killed.

Q. Why isn't there a hastener anywhere in Atlantis? Is there any plan to add some?

A. The Lady of the Jewels says: Yes! We are looking at addressing the Hastener shortage in Atlantis in an upcoming patch.

Q. Once you kill Mulgrut for the quest “Mulgrut Gets Smitten” using the holy symbol as required, nothing in the wording tells you to whom you must turn in the quest. This caused me to go to an outside fan site to find the answer and many new players might not know about these. Can you change the wording of the text to be clearer?

A. The Lady of the Jewels was mighty concentrated on a formula but took a moment to say: The journal text of this quest was updated in patch 1.97a, which went to Pendragon yesterday. If you find any similar issues please send a detailed Bug Report in game using the /report function so that we can fix them as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know!

Q. The Jeweled Doppelganger Bracelet needs to come back, especially on Classic. The Medal of Honor has been brought back in different forms many times and even the Cloaks of Might and Magic made reappearance. Will we be seeing this highly sought after template item return in the future?

A. With a subliminal message such as her head nodding up and down the Lady of the Jewels says: We realize that this item has become quite popular and as with the other event related items like the Medal of Honor there is a very good chance that it will return someday soon under a different name in a future event.

Q. Everyone finds Olibar the Midwinter Tomte very cute. Can more quest givers like him be used in future content?

A. After a hearty chuckle, the Lady of the Jewels smiled: I'm glad that someone aside from myself has a soft spot for the noble tomte. We'll see what sort of storylines future events bring. There may indeed be room for more adorable quest NPCs like Olibar.

Q. With all the trophies that share the same or similar look, would it be possible to right-click a housing trophy display and see the name of that trophy? I hope to hear: "YES WE CAN"! Thanks very much!

A. The Lady of the Jewels says we can: This is something I have been wanting for my own benefit as well. It is currently on the list for future patch content additions.

Q. Is there any possible way to know what one-time drops you have obtained on a character? If not, would this be something that could be added to lessen my frustration?

A. The Shining Cavalier searched diligently through the code for you and had this to say: There currently isn’t a way to track this I'm afraid; however, the possibility that a way could be added is very promising. I will keep it on my list for future updates. Thanks!

Q. Does Mastery of Focus work for pet summon spells? So say the spell is Level 32, would that mean if I got MoF 3 it would put my pet at level 49. Also meaning he could do any style up to that level?

A. It took the Equalizer all about 20 seconds for this to be answered: For most higher-level pet summon spells, the level of the pet summoned is based off of your character's level - pets will summon at a percentage of the player's level. This level varies depending on the level of the spell being cast. Mastery of Focus will not affect this level, as it only affects whether or not a spell will be resisted.

Q. I remember a while ago, after crafting was open to all classes to have the ability to craft in all skills, that there was mention of a new crafter Title, for those who had mastered LGM in all trade Skills. Did this ever happen or is it something that will happen shortly?

A. Our Shining Cavalier says: A master of all trades title is on the agenda for one of the upcoming versions of 1.97. We have something special planned for this, in fact. I'm afraid that's all I can say for now though. Joanne will have more details next week!


I know that many of you are eager to know what the status of the Origins server is and can't wait for an update. I just wanted to let you know that while there isn't any information to share with you right now, I'm pleased to say that there will be in the weeks ahead. As always keep an eye the Herald for the latest news.

Calling all doppelganger hunters as well as those in search of the coveted Demonslayer Medal of Honor! Your time is running out as the doppels and the quests surrounding our Embracing the Darkness event will be departing Darkness Falls this coming Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesday... The Midwinter Festivities that have been running since December are also going to be turned off also on Tuesday. If you didn’t have a chance to partake in the festivities of the winter season, you only have a few days left. Hopefully, warmer springy events are not too far away.

This week we introduced 1.97a on Pendragon. It's just the beginning of the patch cycle and there is plenty more to come but if you have a chance to head on over to Pendragon to check it out, we would love to hear from you.

That's it for the Grab Bag this week. I think I'm going to get something to drink that will warm me right to my toes and spend some time in the frontiers. Have a great weekend and I’ll see y'all on Monday.


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