Doppelgangers Defeated

Yay! Victory is ours!

The Doppelgangers have met their final defeat by the combined efforts of all three realms. Reports says that they have been killed to the last wretch and roam no more below or above the abyss. Lilith, the Demon Queen, has crawled back into the shadows from where she came, perhaps already plotting her next attempt to conquer the lands above. All seems still and at peace compared to the chaos that has been plaguing the lands for countless months. Many wonder what the next great challenge to the realms will bring.

– All quests and NPCs specifically associated with the Doppelganger Invasion have been disabled.

– The doppelganger soldiers that had been inhabiting Darkness Falls as part of this event have been turned off.

– Darkness Falls will for the time being retain the extra bonus to Realm Points and Bounty Points. Details on current bonuses may be found in this page:


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