We Talk TwelveSky 2 with MAYN

We manage to grab an interview with Shawn Silverman, Chief Game Operations Officer for MAYN Interactive about their upcoming MMO titled "TwelveSky 2".

Recently, we managed to grab an interview with Shawn Silverman, Chief Game Operations Officer for MAYN Interactive. For those of you who don't know, MAYN interactive is the European publisher for the GigasSoft's TwelveSky 2, an in development MMORPG set in Ancient China. While TwelveSky 2 is slated to begin closed beta testing on February 23rd, players can read all about the features they're missing out on in the interview!

Pwyff : Hello Mr. Silverman! It's a great privilege to talk with you today.

Shawn : The pleasure's all mine. It's not every day we get a chance to sit down and have a nice few moments with you and your wonderful community, especially this close to Beta!

Pwyff : To quickly introduce our audience to your game, what in-game features really separate "TwelveSky 2" from your average MMO?

Shawn : "TwelveSky 2" is quite unique. It focuses heavily on intense Player-versus-Players battles with hundreds of other players fighting with, or against, you. On a scale with other products out there, no other game provides for a true combat-bred society like "TwelveSky 2".

Pwyff : What are the major differences between "TwelveSky 2" and its 2004 (2007 in North America) predecessor, "TwelveSky"?

Shawn : The most evident difference between "TwelveSky 2" and its ancestor is undeniably the large increase in visual quality. Although the first game is enjoyable, its backend technology and art assets are considered ancient by today's standards. By seriously revamping the game engine, the developers were able to enhance game-play as well as execute a total redesign of the aesthetics, in order to better compete in today's markets. Another key difference is the ability for new players (or freshly created characters) to contribute to the war efforts of their Clans at a much earlier stage, all within a controlled and fair environment. Nothing draws you in like jumping right into action from day one! Having said that, there is still much to explore and learn for our veteran players as well.

Pwyff : The opening CGI movie for "TwelveSky 2" is very impressive. What are the minimum system requirements to play the game itself?

Shawn : We're quite glad that you enjoyed the trailer! Wouldn't be much of an introduction if it didn't spark some interest eh? But to the point. Gigassoft, the developer studio behind "TwelveSky 2", was careful not to create a giant leap in terms of required system resources, to allow for an easy upgrade from "TwelveSky" to "TwelveSky 2". How would you feel if you were ecstatic for the launch of a new game but reality came crushing down as you learned that your system could not handle the intense requirements? Thusly, the requirements are none the less higher (due to an increase in modern coding and higher quality assets), but it is a controlled escalation. Here are the specs.

Pwyff : You mentioned that "TwelveSky 2" "has no magic in the typical sense" and that "all skills in 'TwelveSky 2' are based on the mastery of Martial Art Techniques and Spirit." Can you outline the combat system of "TwelveSky 2"?

Shawn : Ancient China is a wondrous and mysterious place. It was once home to many different types of Martial Arts and "TwelveSky 2" takes it to the next level. In the game, each Clan has three main disciplines that our players can dabble in or dedicate themselves wholly to (the game is indeed skill-based in this regard, and not the expected class-based). All abilities and skills are classified as "techniques" -- and by executing these techniques, you perform the desired action. These actions range from lending your teammate a part of your Spirit through meditation to leaping over great distances through the teachings of infamous assassins.

Pwyff : Another unique feature that was noted was the "player-ran government system, complete with an in-game voting system." How will this government system affect game-play in "TwelveSky 2"? What sort of special powers will players have in this government position? How long will players stay in power? Finally, an in-game voting system sounds easily exploitable (susceptible to bribery, etc), especially if the position grants desirable perks. Will there be any system in place to prevent certain people from dominating the political sphere?

Shawn : The player-ran government is a unique feature of the saga. Of course there is an iconic "Chieftain" for each respective Clan, but the Clan members themselves can vote to elect their war "General". This General will stay in office for one month. But the General is able to appoint their running mate, a Captain, who is not elected. This system can be correlated to the Presidency campaign of the United States and many other democratic nations.

A Clan General is capable of using a special chatting channel in order to better collaborate with their soldiers during a time of war. In addition, the General is able to declare an alliance with another Clan General as well as bar people from selling or trading items within their respective capitol. What the latter allows for is a self-regulating community if such an occasion arose where, for example, a known problematic player danced on the fine line of nearly breaking a Terms of Service regulation. If said player was not able to be penalized by a Customer Service Representative, the members could report this person to the General, and if the General decided it best, he could place this trade bar on the infringing user. Of course in the end, the restricted player could always take his wares to another town.

Abuse itself is hard to define in this regard though. If someone took bribes to get into the position, it's all fair and game. After all, war and politics go hand in hand! But if a General were to widely abuse their influence, MAYN would definitely remove the General from office.

Pwyff : While players can choose to purchase in-game items with real money, to what extent will these virtual purchases affect game-play? Will all of the best items be available only by cash purchase, or will you focus on aesthetic options and experience bonuses instead?

Shawn : We have no interest in unbalancing game-play by providing "God-like" items via the Premium Shop. Some of the items we currently have planned for "TwelveSky 2" include cosmetic armor pieces, temporary experience boosts, the ability to teleport to a friend, and the like.

Pwyff : You say that "'TwelveSky 2' is primed to be one of the best Free-To-Play Player-versus-Player experiences to date!" Explain how PVP will be implemented in "TwelveSky 2." Will it simply be for rewards and bonuses, or will players be able to advance storyline / affect game-play through PVP battles.

Shawn : Player-versus-Player has always been one of the primary focuses of "TwelveSky 2". Not only are the rewards material in the instance of in-game money, but PvP results (whether personal or Clan based) can effect everything from global hunting experience, damage output, to even the total allotted amount of characters allowed per faction!

Pwyff : Finally, the problem with a lot of 'exp grind' MMOs is that, after a while, an incredible chasm forms between the dedicated player base and the casual player base. New players feel that it would take months of dedicated play to even stand a chance in PVP, and the 'hardcore' players continue to get stronger. How do you feel about this problem? How will players be able to feel 'relevant' in PVP through all levels? Are there any plans to prevent newer players from getting stomped by veterans?

Shawn : This is exactly the problem faced in the game's predecessor. "TwelveSky 2" now forbids a player from being able to attack their own Clan mates. What this does is prevent harassment carried out by older players against newer players. In addition, we have increased the number of special Outposts, or battlegrounds, for each level to provide the utmost fairness in competition.

: Well those are all the questions we have for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us about TwelveSky 2!

Shawn : You're very welcome. We hope that your readers enjoy this piece, and we look forward to do this again very soon. Once again, thank you for the opportunity.

Christopher "Pwyff" Tom


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